Pup In Training

So, how does one take a 3-headed dog for a walk? Does it require three leashes, or do you just leash the most dominant of the 3 heads?

Is the condition pronounced paul-ee-see-fah-lick? Or paul-ee-sef-a-lick? Either way, it’s got the word phalic in it, and I know how to pronounce that.

Aww, come here sweet puppy! Can you imagine the puppy breath swirling around their heads?

Good boy, little Cerberus! Ok, now fetch Richard Nixon’s soul! Awwwwww, there’s a good boy!

This shirt is greek to me.

I can totally see this as the mascot for the show “Lil Olympians”.

Cerberus as a cute puppy is still not a new concept

There was another more kawaii one posted too, but obviously after World Nom-Ination, I don’t see why woot would be concerned with printing identical ideas.

Polycephalic. As in “many heads”.

If only they sold a three-headed version of this shirt. I guess you could use the sleeves for head holes if you had to.

I’m a little confused. Is this a Harry Potter reference or a God Of War reference? Could be both.

Congrats to Fable! :smiley:
And to the Wootstaff, for what might be the most adorable write-up thusfar…

All about Cerberus for those not in the know.


He’s Fluffy’s baby brother.

I guess I’ll nerd it up and ask is this Fluffy (from Harry Potter book 1) as a puppy?

This is a great shirt, no bones about it.

This is a young Cerberus, the ancient Greek guard dog of Hell. I think the character you’re referring to is based on the same myth.

I remember that I made a 3d sculpture out of this in middle school with chicken wire. Still sitting in my parents basement.

Would you like some Tartarus sauce with those souls, Cerbie?

Sorry for the bad pun; I’m just Charon my thoughts.

I am troubled and a bit sad that a lot of people first jumped to the conclusion that this is a reference to harry potter… :<

Ahh, the puns! They burn!!