PupCam has new hours!

4p-8p daily. P’s have been having trouble with their internet disconnecting. No promises.


Terri, they are beautiful!!!


Is that a puppy-litterbox, or a giant kibble trough?

Litter box…and yes, they will evntually all use it. Some have already started.

Looks like there are still nine. They wiggle so much it is hard to count. How is mama?

What kind of puppies are they?

Mini Australian Shepherds

Yep still nine. Starting to get to that fluffy puppy stage. :slight_smile:

Mama is feeling well. Never let the surgery hinder her puppy raising. She’s a good mama.

wish I could see… but the link is not working… I love watching puppies move around and play

Not working for me either. :frowning:

Limited hours

5-7 daily. P’s have been having trouble with their internet disconnecting. No promises.

The world needs puppies that aren’t in their house with the poop and pee!

Should we just leave the fps and quality as is, or will it make any difference?

I’ve tried different settings and I keep getting a flipping/flashing before each frame. It’s not a steady broadcast.

I fixed the problem by lowering the fps.

Pup cam is only available 5-7pm. Any other time the link won’t work.

Cute furry blobs!! Too bad they’re all schnoozin’!!

Pyppy tried to go to sleep in the food dish. L O L

i see mommy pacing by the door. how come they don’t get all access to pups anymore? my dogs always did.

my bad (as usual)…just read the part about mommy having surgery! i guess she needs a bit of a buffer with 9 babies! they are adorable by the way! my almost 2 year old dog (youngest) is smaller than your puppies :slight_smile: uh yeah…that’s assuming we are using the same size pee pads!

they’re eating their kibblies and playing!

i’m in love times 9 :slight_smile:

New Christmas puppy pics posted on my FB

New hours 4pm-8pm daily