Pupicicle Cooling Gel Mat

Just ordered my 2d mat – yes, it seems to be that good. Our chow likes laying on hers (I purchased the jumbo, and use it folded in the car, and open full in her inhouse sleeping pen. Decided at this price to have one for home & one for travel. It does feel cool to the touch, and living in the south, everything helps! Easy to rinse & wipe clean. The product seems well made and its a BARGAIN at this price!

I bought 3, a jumbo, an XL, and a medium. Dogs range from 30 lbs to 100+ lbs. The all use each others, so sizing is great. Two dogs used them the minute they hit the floor. The 16yo was a little spooked that they have some smoosh/squish when he put the first paw on it. He kept panting and watching the others happily napping. I put one on top of his bed and found him happily napping, with no panting. Good investment to keep them happy and safe.

I see that there are different sizes, obviously, but I can’t find where the sizes are defined. How big is the Jumbo mat versus the Xtra Large, etc?


The sizes are listed in the description.

Sizes and Dimensions:
Medium - 20" x 16" x 1",
Large - 26" x 20" x 1",
Extra Large - 30" x 24" x 1"
Jumbo - 40" x 30" x 1"