PuraSense XCEL Gel 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

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PuraSense XCEL Gel 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress
Price: $359.99 - 469.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 weeks. (Monday, Dec 07 to Tuesday, Dec 08) + transit
Condition: New


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Hi everyone! I’m with the manufacturer and we will be assisting you with any questions throughout the day tomorrow.

A couple of helpful things to start. This mattress is medium firm. It will feel really great to most people because it has a plush comfort layer on top of two layers of very unique support and pressure relief foam.

You need a good foundation underneath the mattress, something that will give solid, uniform support. A platform bed is great with a solid bottom, or a slatted base if the slats are closely spaced (no more than 3" apart). If you use a box spring get one of the newer versions that are made with wood. The old style have springs and will sag.

Let us know what else we can help you with. We will be taking a break now to cuddle up on our comfy PuraSleep beds for a few hours but someone will be back to help early tomorrow.

We are excited to bring this bed to you, it’s awesome. I sometimes throw one in front of the tv for football Sunday…problem is then we all sleep through half the games lol. Well enjoy your night and if you wake up thinking about a sore back or just didn’t get a great night’s sleep, check us out.

This mattress would replace an old memory foam mattress.
What is the best way to dispose of the old mattres??

I’ve been looking at switching to a memory foam mattress for awhile, I have heard the thicker mattresses are better for heavier folks, is this thick enough for 300lb plus fella?

Good morning mickeydad. You can always call your local Salvation Army or other charities in your area. Many of them accept donated beds and will come pick them up for you!

Yes Doomjason! This mattress is designed to support up to 450lbs combined weight. This mattress is the most supportive in our PuraSleep line.

This is not a snarky answer to the last two questions…
We did replace our old foam mattress (which was junk BTW) with another, new (within the past year… the old one was 6-7 years old) memory foam mattress. Since it was an older foam mattress (an iComfort that cost us $4k) it was a beast to get down to the first floor and out to the curb (more on that later in this reply) for a bulk pickup by the trash company. Not sure where you live, but in most parts of PA where I live, we have to pay for trash service and if we call them even 24 hours ahead of time for the regular trash day, we get 1 bulk item a week that they will take away. They asked us to wrap it in the plastic the new mattress came in the best we could and set it out like normal. New foam mattress packing is light years ahead from we got our first so we just set the mattress out with as much of the new plastic packaging taped around it. Lol. Other than actually getting it to the curb, it was easy breezy, lemon squeezy giving them a call for the pick up. I would assume free or paid trash service in any area would have a bulk pickup and procedure of how to get it done. Your provider’s website should have more info of not at least a number to call for information.

If anyone does consider a new mattress, please do as much homework on opinions and reviews by actual customers as possible. That would have saved us at least $3,000 if my wife and I had. Foam, spring, or a hybrid of the two, DOES NOT HAVE TO COST A SECOND MORTGAGE. I will never buy another mattress costing more than $1,000 again.
I did my homework and found a king size memory foam “cool” gel top mattress for about what this one is going for. I’m a big dude. The 300+ pound buff beefcake type… you know what I mean! Haha
But, pat myself on my back while researching, I found a brand that specifically stated it used a higher density foam (about a 3’ area laterally across the middle of the mattress to combat “foam fatigue” since ANY person’s heaviest part of their body is their core. That’s starting above your belly button by about a hands width, down to the bottom of your butt. NO PUN INTENTED!! :slight_smile:
I cant for the life of me find the paperwork to say what brand I bought but I know it cost under $700. It came rolled in plastic like a sausage. So UPS OR FEDEX can certainly deliver it. No need to take a half day off work to wait for delivery people. Some I’ve even seen in boxes with wheels on the bottom so the average consumer can wheel it around!

All manufacturers say their foam mattress must be put on top of a proper foundation. They are not feeding you BS about that. Listen to it. That’s the difference between laying in bed awake with a sore back and cursing the bed gods for sending you to insomnia hell or having to invoke (God forbid) it’s warranty because the adjuster that comes out to look at any defect you say is happening to your bed, will deny your claim 99% of the time saying it’s not on a sound foundation. Manufacturers won’t tell you that but that’s exactly the reason they always talk about what to put the bed on.
In my opinion, whether it’s $4000 or $400 you pay for a mattress, I wouldn’t want to sleep on it for more than 5-6 years. Foam mattress should always look the same 10 years from now as when you first get it, but simple logic should suggest to anyone that no matter the firmness, you sleep on it every night and it will get much softer over time. If you are on one now, roll to the middle of the bed (usually no one sleeps there when married haha) and you’ll feel the difference. That’s why when deals like this come around, and you are in the market for a new bed, consider it.
If you buy this mattress and after 10-11 months, you hate it, you only paid (depending on size you buy) around $1 a night for it. I’d pay $50 a night now that I know what a difference a correctly matched bed will do for you. Like I said, for examples sake, at $1 a night you shouldn’t feel bad if you had to buy another so soon.
Do homework again and get another. I spent 5 miserable years on that iComfort because of the money I spent on it and my head would not allow me to get something else because of the price, until I couldn’t stand up one morning.

Sorry for the long post to simply answer two questions. But life is tough and it beats most of us up pretty good every day. One piece of sanctuary every person deserves is a comfy bed and a good nights sleep. So Google MEMORY FOAM MATTRESS INFORMATION and there are websites dedicated to educating people about what to look for, how to shop, best brands, and prices. It’s so easy now to prepare yourself for mattress shopping.

Lastly $30 or $100 get a mattress cover (I’m not talking a pad, but a COVER, a pad is your choice if you want to put one on top of the COVER) they should be moisture resistant to impermeable and should not sound like sand paper when you move on ur mattress. GET ONE. A warranty claim can and will be denied if a stain is on the mattress itself even if it’s not close to the problem area. Plus, and this is the icky part no one talk about. Make sure when you wash ur sheets, you wash that cover too. It catches and keeps off your new mattress everything left behind by your body, your dog, cat, or whatever when you get up every morning. We did not have one on our old mattress and Google will even tell you, a mattress may weigh 80 pounds when you first get it but might weigh 30-40 pounds MORE at the end of its life without a mattress cover just from dead skin. Icky truth but it must be told!!! Lol

Good day and sorry for this “War and Peace” post.

Lots of good information Patjam77. Memory foam has come a long way! Our mattress is delivered compressed in a box that you can just push up your stairs into your room, open and watch it unfold on your foundation. Way easy!

Thanks again for the information.

One note of warning: BEWARE when googling some of the general topics like “memory foam mattress information.” You can get alot of sites that appear to be legit but are actually “sponsored” by various companies, some making good mattresses, some not. One reason we choose to work with Woot and they with us is because they will only accept high quality mattress vendors and you can rest assured that we’re providing and you’re getting a high quality product.

Can you give us a couple of “name-brand” comparison options so we have a better sense of how this feels based on some others we’ve tried? Thanks!

I don’t normally leave comments or reviews but I bought one of these last time they had them and love it.
I had suspected the back pain my husband and I were both having was due to our mattress but couldn’t convince him to go out and buy another. But the woot deal was too good to pass up so I hit order.
In the meantime I did read lots of reviews all over the board a few (from way more expensive mattress companies likely) scared me. It seems like you need a special degree to buy a mattress. Once I got the thing I realized you just needed to buy one made of decent materials. This one does have a special top layer and core and the foam is good.
When I got it I was pleased and my back pain has gotten a lot better. I had surgery two weeks ago and have had to spend a lot of time in bed and am so glad I got this thing. My mom came over to take care of me and sat on it to watch a movie and commented on how much she liked it as did another friend who came by to keep me company.
It seems much firmer than my old mattress at first but when you lay on it it conforms to your body so that firmness is translated to support where you need it. My hips are curvy & there’s enough give so my hips sink in but my back is supported.
Also my husband weighs a lot more than I do and my old mattress I felt like I was sliding into the dent he made all night this one I don’t.
So get one if you need one! Made in usa too.

Hi rrenner001, we were comparing it to the Serta Icomfort Genius but they keep changing their formulations so much it’s difficult, same with Tempurpedic and the Contour Elite and Supreme. I’d say it’s most like the Tempur Contour Supreme now. XCEL falls about a 7 on a firmness scale of 1 to 10, it’s intended to provide more orthopedic support than a soft mattress as well as have better lonegivity.

Thanks so much for the great feedback!!! We spent a lot of time researching and developing a mattress with just the right layers and types of foam to help alleviate pain and provide the proper support over a long period of time. It’s great to hear it helped both you and your husband.

Hey there, If I were looking for one of your mattresses that were softer than this one can you point me in the right direction?

If you wanted to go with this one and you end up feeling it’s too firm we have great toppers that you can add on top to keep the full support but add extra plush. Works great and you don’t risk the “too soft” issue which really can’t be remedied. It’s very easy to make a too firm mattress softer with a topper. In fact we just ran a Woot deal for toppers and I’m sure you’ll see them frequently. But you can always contact us directly too if you have any issues at all with your new mattress.

So… what’s the difference between this mattress and the as far as i can tell identical one sold on amazon for less? http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00PZ22KQA?keywords=PuraSleep%20PuraSense%20%20Mattress&qid=1449434004&ref_=sr_1_fkmr0_1&sr=8-1-fkmr0

Hi Purasleep – Can you please provide the Indentation Load Deflection (ILD) rating for each of the mattress layers?

Thanks in advance!

Will conventional sheets work with this mattress?

On your own web site the queen is listed at $2200 why so cheap on woot.com

Hi tlynntec! Our XCEL mattress has two different types of foam than the CoolFlow on Amazon. The XCEL is our premium mattress with a 1" top layer of our revolutionary ThermaPhase Gel which “senses” where your body is hot, where it is cool and adjusts to provide the perfect sleep platform. Maintains your body’s optional sleep temperature throughout the night. Then, the second layer is 2" of our Energex foam that provides the ultimate in “performance” sleep technology: no sinking, more resiliency and outstanding pressure point relief.