PuraSleep 10" CoolFlow Deluxe Mattress

At the end of May I paid $199 for the PuraSleep Serenity 10" mattress in a Queen on Woot and have been enjoying it ever since. Mine isn’t the “Coolflow Deluxe” which probably accounts for the slightly higher price, however mine has a top layer on it that is 2.5" of high density 3.5 lb. micro-gel infused memory foam, with a medium firmness rating. I did end up adding a LUCID 3-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper for extra plushness and put it on a Zinus 4 Inch Low Profile Metal Smart Box Spring / Mattress Foundation / Wood Slat Support that has 2.5" spacing between the slats, which then sits on a metal adjustable bed frame. I wanted the end result to be a bed roughly 24" high, and I love it. Being my first memory foam bed, I was concerned about things I read about them being too firm and sleeping hot. And, even though the medium firmness wasn’t quite as plush as I had hoped, I could have lived with it and expect it might have become a bit more plush over time. However the 3" topper gave the plushness I wanted and now have a bed that’s almost too comfortable to leave. Lastly, I don’t find any issues with it “sleeping hot”. I assume this has something to do with both the top layer of the mattress and the topper being some form of gel or gel-infused foam. I also purchased a water-proof mattress cover that’s derived from bamboo because it claimed to be breathable and provide a cooler sleep environment. It wasn’t inexpensive, about $45, but with a new whippet puppy that sleeps with me I definitely wanted something water-proof and, as mentioned, I find the bed to be very comfortable temperature-wise. In fact before making the purchase, I found a review on a site called ZenSleep that rated my PuraSleep as being the only one tested that scored a perfect 10 for it’s ability to remain cool! Based on my experience, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a PuraSleep mattress to anyone in the market for an inexpensive, but high quality, gel foam mattress. The only variable would be the firmness rating you desire. And one last comment, the last time I took the mattress cover off to launder it, I inspected the topper and the mattress and, even with a puppy who often times would rather play than sleep, everything’s in the same condition as the day it arrived. The only thing I’ve done is to rotate the mattress about once a month. By rotate I mean swap it so the head becomes the foot, but of course always keeping the 2.5" side of the PuraSleep mattress facing upward. I realize this is a lengthy comment but I know it would’ve been useful to me if someone had written something similar when I was considering my PuraSleep purchase, and I hope it may be of help to others.

Darn limit of 10 per person and I wanted an even dozen.

I purchased the PuraSleep Serenity Cal-King for $350 in March. Me and my partner have been enjoying it since then.

I notice that this model is quite a bit less expensive at its discount rate here, and is more firm. We could already use a softer bed ourselves, but the Serenity mattress was one hell of an upgrade from a 20 year old innerspring queen size mattress.

The Serenity says the firmness is 4 to 5 out of 10, and this CoolFlow Deluxe mattress says 5.5 to 6 out of 10. I’m about 150 lbs and my girlfriend is currently 130 lbs, and it’s plenty supportive enough after these five months we’ve used it, so I would keep that in mind.

I will recommend this gel-infused model based on the gel memory foam in the Serenity model. It’s a great bed, at a great price, but I would say that it’s only as good for heavier people or those that prefer a firmer mattress.

Compared to furniture stores or mattress outlets, even a $350 concrete slab is a “steal”. It makes me uncomfortable just thinking of stepping inside one of those places. Here, you get an even cheaper, even softer non-concrete slab.

What if your wife tinkles in the bed?

Tried to order the King 10", but the cart kept saying empty after getting to the checkout page. I guess the front page hadn’t updated the inventory yet.

Went with the Cal-King instead. For $240, if it lasts just a year, it was worth it to get out of our current mattress.

Get a waterproof mattress cover, or a waterproof throw/topper that you can easily remove and launder. There’s plenty that are soft and flexible textile-based these days, unlike the rubber/plastic covers of yore.

Bought the PuraSleep Serenity 10" Queen last May for $199 for our cottage. It said it was medium firm, but I find it too soft - fair disclosure, my husband and I are 200 lbs. each. I particularly don’t like the way the sides collapse when we sit to put on shoes, etc. It’s fine for the cottage, but I was happy to get home to our Tuft&Needle, which also sleeps cool but provides better support when we’re lying down or sitting on the sides (the end collapses pretty much like the PuraSleep). Still, a great deal at this price! I would go with the 12" this time, though.

Ordered the 10" (not 12") version of this in king size. Woot emailed me the other day saying they’re giving me a little money back because the price went down on this mattress. Anyone know how much money would be coming back? The email didn’t say.

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