PuraSleep 10" CoolFlow Mattress - CKing

Good Morning. I am a representative for PuraSleep and am here to help you with any questions.

If I buy this, will you come and take away my old mattress… :wink:

I’m glad I bought this mattress a few weeks ago here on Woot. I’ve gone to bed stores and tried out $3-6k mattresses and this one feels the same for a tenth of the price. Very comfortable. The only thing I’ve heard about cheap mattresses is the density of the base layer is too low? (3 or less?, less-life) I think this one is good though, maybe the representative can confirm the base density?

Density ratings in true high quality core foam run differently than the comfort layer foam. We use 2.8lb high density core foam which is very supportive high quality foam.

“2.8lb” doesn’t fall under “high density” anywhere I have looked. Please help me understand your comment.

Thank you!