PuraSleep 10" CoolFlow Mattress - King

Good Morning. I am a representative for PuraSleep and am here to help you with any questions.

What is this mattress rated at for firmness?

Per the Features:
Comfort Level - Medium firm (5.5 to 6 on a scale of 1 to 10)

is there a trial period? in other words, after 30 days can we return no questions asked? worried It will be too soft.

No trial period. Sorry.

Where can we find customer reviews of the product?

You can go on Amazon and read the reviews.

I’m 270lbs, my wife is tiny. 125 maybe. Will this hold up and keep her from feeling like she is rolling into me?

Also, providing I use a solid foundation, what kind of longevity do you get out of foam mattresses?

You hear about people that say it’s just as comfy after a year as it was the day they got it. Others say after 30 days the foam seemed to have lost it’s support, it sinks in too much. Is this just perception, or is this typically because they use a poor foundation? Or other reasons?

Yes, this mattress is made to support over 400lbs of combined weight. Also, the memory foam will contour to each individuals body, so they will not roll or sink.

Over years memory foam will soften slightly, but this is normal. It is recommended that you get a new mattress every 8-10 years.

As for sinking, sagging and cratering of more than 1.5" are usually due to a poor foundation, improper use or care, or defective foam.

can this mattress be used on an adjustable bed?

Absolutely! Our CoolFlow mattress works great on an adjustable bed.

Will this mattress sink after 6 months? Does it come with any guarantee?

All Purasleep mattresses come with a full ten year warranty.