PuraSleep 10" CoolFlow Mattress - Queen

Good Morning. I am a representative for PuraSleep and am here to help you with any questions.

How firm/soft is this mattress?

Do you put the mattress on top of a box spring?

Per the Features:
Comfort Level - Medium firm (5.5 to 6 on a scale of 1 to 10)

You can put it on box springs or a slatted foundation. Just make sure your box springs are in good condition and there is no sagging or give when you press down on them. As for any slatted foundation you just want to make sure that the slats are no more than 3" apart.

What is the density of each layer?

The top layer is 2 lb and the core layer is 2 lb.

How are these shipped? Rolled up in a tube??

Let me start by saying I bought mine last November and I love it, I’ve bragged about it so much that my friend finally bought one the last time it was on woot, but sadly she still haven’t received it as yet. What’s up with that? Up to 2 days ago it still haven’t been shipped yet.

Thank you so very much for bragging! I sure hope your friend’s mattress has shipped.

Have you friend email support@woot.com with their order info and situation; CS can check into it for them.

I previously ordered a mattress from Woot via Amazon - after waiting 5 weeks, found out it was lost during the flooding in TN. Have her check tracking number with shipper.

Someone asked but it wasn’t answered: How is this to arrive in at my house? Will it be rolled or fully capable of being slept on night-of?

Per the vendor: These should be shipped vacuum sealed. They typically need 24-48 hours to expand fully and air out.

What are the dimensions and weight of the package in which is shipped a Queen size 10" Coolflow Mattress?

I ordered this mattress a few weeks ago and set it up last night. I am so impressed with this! Even after only 12 hours it’s so comfortable and it was so easy to set up. I highly recommend this!

I bought one in a previous woot. While it is super comfortable, I’ve found it still traps too much heat for my comfort and I usually wake up after 4-5 hours. I’m in the process of shopping for a replacement as a result :frowning:

Weight Pounds): 60
Length (Inches): 21
Width (Inches): 20
Height (Inches): 40

I am a constant side to side sleeper. I change sides very often. I purchased a 10 inch foam matress on woot 5-6 years ago and hated it! Everytime I switched sides it was like I was laying in a puddle of goop and the mattress took well over 10 minutes to reconform to my new side position. Is this mattress quicker to conform to my new switching sides position during the night?