PuraSleep 10-Inch CoolFlow Mattress

Good morning! I’m with the manufacturer and we will be here throughout the day to help answer your questions.

Bought one last time around, about six weeks ago. This is a SWEET DEAL! And with the added convenience of having a new mattress land on your front doorstep instead of you having to schlep it around town!


Go for it! :slight_smile:

Bought this the last time around. It is a good mattress but I found it to be very firm. I would rate it a 8 or 9 on the 10-scale. “Medium firmness” is not how I would describe it.

I purchased a topper to add some cushion and that did the trick for me. This is indeed a great mattress. I am not trying to knock it, just throwing my opinion out there.

It is a great purchase for a guest bedroom because of the price!!

So glad you love your mattress CaffeineJeff!! Thank you for letting everyone know!

Thanks for your input geoffdunn! That is a great suggestion if you find that the mattress is too firm. A topper always does the trick to add that extra comfort layer!

Can you use a regular box spring with this mattress?

Is this delivered in a compressed roll like other foam mattresses?

A box spring can be used, but we recommend a new box spring or foundation that is made to support memory foam mattresses.

You will want to avoid older box springs that are not supportive and have a lot of open surface area where the mattress will sag.

We also recommend a platform style of bed that has a solid surface or a slatted base that has multiple, strong slats that are no more than 3" apart.

Yep, you called it bchernicoff. Our mattress comes compressed in a box that is shipped right to your front door so you can just take it into the room you want it. Open it up and watch it expand on the foundation!

Easiest set up ever!

When checking your website, which mattress is this?
Product name?

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