PuraSleep 10-Inch CoolFlow Mattress

No queen?

exactly what I was thinking no queen…

Sorry, not this time.

Last time I bought one of these (different brand I think) the manufacturer recommended that it be placed one a solid foundation rather than a box spring, so I put it in my waterbed frame. Very satisfied. This time I want to put one on top of an existing box spring. I don’t see any mention or warning, but the picture is not showing that setup. Please advise???

The third picture shows it mounted on a box spring, so the seller apparently thinks this is okay.

Hi! If you want extra height on the bed you would use box springs. Otherwise it’s fine to use just a firm slatted foundation, which would make a low profile bed.
We recommend a platform style of bed that has a solid surface or a slatted base that has multiple, strong slats that are no more than 3" apart. A box spring can be used, but we recommend a new box spring or foundation that is made to support memory foam mattresses.

As long as your existing box spring is in good condition and isn’t sagging then it will work just fine!