PuraSleep 10" CoolFlow Mattress - Queen

Hi! I am a representative for the manufacturer and I happy to help answer any questions today!

We want to use the mattress in an RV that requires a “Short” queen. Can I cut the end off of the queen mattress so it will fit?

You can certainly cut it if you would like, but it would void the warranty. It is 10" thick so I am not quite sure how you would do it. LOL!!

Just wondering what the firmness rating would be for this?

Just read the description better, I answered my own question!

Bought a PuraSleep here Oct. 10, 2015 for 379.99. Although it is a 10 inch, it is called a “memory foam” mattress and it has 3 seperate layers. It seems to be medium firm, and I love it and sleep well. My wife wishes it was softer. We put a mattress topper on it and that helped with her issue. Don’t forget that you need some base support. We used our existing box spring which was in good shape, and that worked fine. If this one is the same or comparable to mine, then the price is right!

Hey Zappaman, how does this compare to a hotel mattress for firmness?


If you do cut it use a very sharp large knife and do not pull on it as the foam will tear. It’s doable but takes great caution.

Thanks for the great feedback Zappaman!

Can this go on a regular bed frame or will I need a box spring or something else?

Is this the same mattress from the PuraSleep website?
PuraSleep Serenity NextGen Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Thank you.


Is this mattress covered in the material shown, or is it just the bare foam (also as shown)? Plus, if covered, does the cover have a zipper or other closure, or is it sewn shut?


How much does it weigh?

If you want extra height on the bed you would use box springs. Otherwise it’s fine to use just a firm slatted foundation, which would make a low profile bed.
We recommend a platform style of bed that has a solid surface or a slatted base that has multiple, strong slats that are no more than 3" apart. A box spring can be used, but we recommend a new box spring or foundation that is made to support memory foam mattresses.

HI emil285. The Serenity has 3 layers and the CoolFlow has 2 layers. However, they are both made of the same high quality high density foam! We make the CoolFlow exclusively for Amazon/Woot.

HI! Yes, all of our mattresses do come with a removable cover. The cover is washable but we do recommend dry cleaning. And if you wash it, don’t put it in the dryer! Let it air dry.


The packed weight is 60 lbs. and the unpacked weight is 56 lbs.

I have cut this type of foam with an electric knife.

1nflteam, thanks for that information.