PuraSleep 10" CoolFlow Mattress - Queen

Does anyone own this mattress? I’m seriously considering purchasing it.

Is the frame also included in the price?

My wife and I have slept on this mattress for almost a year now and we love it. My back pain has gone way down with the support this mattress offers vs. our old metal spring serta perfect sleeper…and it’s half the price. My brother and his wife slept on it a few nights while house sitting for us and promptly ordered one they liked it so much. I’m ordering another one for the guest room.

We’ve got some bed sheets over on home if you want new sheets for the new or old bed.

Sorry, no frame. Mattress only.

Do you put it on top of your old box springs?

Hi “RetiredMasterChief”,

It is only the mattress. No frame is included.

Does this require a box spring or is a firm frame good enough? Hard to tell from pic

“ScottieJ” A platform bed with a solid base makes the ideal support system: something firm, solid and rigid that supports the mattress from top to bottom and on all sides. Memory foam mattresses are designed to work on a flat, sturdy, non-spring foundation. A bad foundation is the primary cause for memory foam mattresses not performing to their full potential as this affects their comfort and durability. You need something that provides uniform support for the mattress from top to bottom and side to side. Avoid old box springs that sag.

If you choose to use your existing box springs, they must be flat and sturdy. You can easily buy box springs now, from respected mattress store chains, that are specifically designed for use with memory foam mattresses. They’re made with solid, closely spaced slats inside the outer cover.

If you can press the foundation down with your hand, it is not sturdy enough.

How is this mattress shipped? Does it come in a small package and then expand? Can one person wrangle the install?

I’m reading online that the density is a bit light unless the combined weight of sleepers is under 350

Great question.

The mattress is compressed and shipped in a 21 x 20 x 40 box and the box with mattress weighs 60 lbs. Move the box into the room with the foundation in it. Open the box on the foundation and slide out the mattress. Remove box and then carefully cut open the plastic around the mattress. Remove plastic and watch it expand!

This mattress is designed to comfortably support a combined weight of 400 lbs.

thanks we might just fit within that. :wink:

I think we are gonna give it a go.

How long can these be stored as they ship? I want one, but I’m overseas and won’t be back home for 5 more months.

Hi “chslr1243”. This is a very important question. Thanks for asking.
Leaving your mattress packed in a compressed state longer than 4 weeks from delivery may cause permanent damage to the product, voiding the warranty.

Are you a side or back sleeper? I also have back issues and am wondering if this would be too firm for a side sleeper.

Since these would be impossible to place back in original packaging, if we find the item is not suitable and need to return it, what is the return coverage?

Hello “Rabidness”,

We accept returns for defective or damaged mattresses only.