PuraSleep 12" CoolFlow Mattress

I purchased this on the 4th of this month for 244.99 contacted Woot customer service about price match and they had me taken care of within a few hours of my email… Awesome customer service.

same. pretty much feeling the same way. :confused:

I bought the 12" King for 280.00 last month. Super comfy mattress. I can’t believe they are this cheap now.

Have 2…would own 3 if we had the room.

Daily use and like new almost a year later.

Amazing! - not too hot or cold, not too firm or squishy.

The price made us dubious but…Improved sleep 100%!

Are you saying they refunded you the difference in price??? I dropped them a note this morning about the aggravation of finding the price MUCH lower, and was offered a five dollar coupon for my trouble. I bought the king on the 4th as well.

Edit–never mind. I would have sworn when I checked this morning the King size was also for sale. I hate when I have idiot moments.

Thank you Woot customer service!! Woot also refunded me the difference after purchasing at a higher price. I also purchased 2 more mattress today. One for the cabin and one for my mother. Great mattress