PuraSleep 2" Classic Topper-6 Sizes

Good morning everyone! I’m with the manufacturer PuraSleep and will be here to help you throughout the deal with any questions you may have.

Do deep pocket sheets need to be purchased to work with this topper?

Excellent question cabbie3! Most standard sheets fit mattress heights of 8"-12" So if you have a 10" mattress and you add a 2" topper then standard sheets should still fit without a problem!

Is there anywhere that has reviews for these toppers? Amazon seems to not sell any of these and I’ve become wary of buying things without reading reviews when I can’t actually test it out myself.

Absolutely popularoutcast! You can go to our website www.luxefoam.com and click on “Shop Our Products” and choose “Memory Foam Toppers” then select the topper you are interested in, scroll down the page and the reviews customers have posted are at the bottom.

Am a bit confused. The prices are the same on your website as on here except there seems to be no charge for shipping on your site.

The biggest issue I am having right now on your website is that I have to dig deep to get to the place that talks about returns but then it says nothing about returns. I am linked to the Terms and Conditions (http://www.luxefoam.com/terms.asp) that says nothing about returning products. Are there no returns either on your site or on Woot!? Or is it that the $5 I am paying for shipping on Woot! the thing that allows me to return an item?

popularoutcast here is the link for our return policy.

I would not recommend this topper to anyone. Very comfortable at first, but after just a few days the foam noticeably sags on the side I sleep on, causing a big lack of support. Flipping the mattress does not help, it all seems to sag after a few days.