PuraSleep 2" Gel Enhanced Topper-6 Sizes

Good morning everyone! I’m with the manufacturer PuraSleep and will be here to help you throughout the deal with any questions you may have.

What are the Density and ILD values of the Toppers?

For you curious cats, ILD stands for Indent Load Deflection, it’s a measurement of how “springy” a given sample of foam is. Please allow me a moment to get those values for you Tomdon1. As for density, our Gel Enhanced and Classic toppers are 2.5 lbs.

What is/are the benefit(s) difference between classic and gel toppers? Descriptions sound the same. Thank you.

Both are constructed from high density, advanced technology open-cell super air-flow CoolFlow™ foam which rapidly dissipates heat and moisture. A key difference between the two is the Gel Enhanced foam contains a gel additive for even more cooling.

I purchased one queen sized mattress the last time they were offered on this site.
(1) Why is the brand Saatva product even mentioned on the sane page, this was confusing to me.
(2) Do not down play the foam order, it is THERE, even after 48 hours of “airing” out and using a quality oder destroyer on both sides?

Hi Buzz8444. Not sure, but I think it’s just a paid advertisement for them.

Your right Buzz8444 there can occassionally be a fresh foam odor especially since our products are made to order and are shipped right off the factory line and haven’t been sitting in a warehouse. Sometimes the scent of the foam gets trapped in the airtight packaging. Also, if you have a sensitive nose it may be more apparent. If you do have any smell it normally will dissipate in a well ventilated room. Generally, the smell dissipates quite quickly under those conditions. I sure hope you are enjoying your mattress and sleeping well now!

How much height does this topper really add to the mattress. Some sheets are rather tight with how high and deep a mattress can be and still fit.

Domineah that is a good question. Most standard sheets fit mattress heights of 8"-12" So if you have a 10" mattress and you add a 2" topper then standard sheets should still fit without a problem.