PuraSleep 3" Gel Enhanced Topper-6 Sizes



Good Morning Wooters! We are here to answer your questions about our Gel Enhanced Toppers. We look forward to talking to you.



I have a gel topper now that is just the gel, and no memory foam so it’s a thin layer. It’s great at cooling at first, but then it retains the heat for quite a while, and forces me to move to another part of the bed that is cool. Would I have similar results with this topper?


Good Morning. You would not have the same issue with the memory foam. Our topper is designed with an open cell technology which allows for air circulation and works together with the gel properties to reduce heat build up.


I have a good memory foam mattress and box spring that I recently bought and is quite good. As it is pretty new and is a little on the stiff side still, Would this 3 inch topper make my memory foam, gel center mattress even softer?


Hello. Yes, this topper would add a nice layer of cushion to your current memory foam mattress.


Can I cut this topper to fit an RV bed?


Hello. You can cut it if you like. Use as sharp a cutting tool as you can. It will void the warranty but it is certainly worth it as I know those RV beds are not comfortable at all.


What is the warranty specifically, what is the return policy if we don’t like how it feels, and are we responsible for shipping charges?


I’m not sure what the manufacturer warranty will cover, particularly if you don’t like the mattress- but as a rule, Woot does not take back items for personal reasons. You can read our return policy here.


What is the density of the foam? Also is the topper perforated with holes as I’ve seen other foam toppers have?


I’d probably buy one of these, but I’m pretty sure I’d have to buy new fitted sheets.


I am posting this in the event there is ever a future sale on these toppers. It says made of gel infused memory foam, but trust me, there is nothing even close to memory about this foam. I am very underwhelmed. It is just regular old fashioned foam that is speckled blue. save your money, you are better off just picking up a foam pad up at the army surplus and spraying it with windex to get the gel color. I have another gel infused memory foam topper that is made my serta and there is a big difference between the two. of course the serta was double the price but you actually get memory foam. Would return it if I could.


Extremely disappointed. Woot advertised that this would be shipped in 3 to 8 days. It took 21 days from the order date to the date they initiated shippping (which was yesterday). I take my kid to college tomorrow. I assumed I ordered this in time to get it here and take it with me. I had to contact fedex and paythem an additional $13 to have the delivery address changed to the college dorms.