PuraSleep 3" Gel Enhanced Topper

Good Morning Everyone! I am a representative with the manufacturer PuraSleep and am here to answer any questions you may have.


Would a gel-memory foam topper help a memory foam bed that is a little too firm, or is more designed to be used on traditional mattresses?

Fantastic questions! The topper is going to be a perfect solution for any mattress that is too firm. By adding it to a memory foam mattress you are simply adding an extra comfort layer that should make that too firm mattress just right!


What is the density of the memory foam in the 2" and 3" gel enhanced toppers?


Hi danbar! The density on both the 2" and 3" Gel Enhanced toppers is 2.5 lbs.

Can these be cut to size? I have an antique 3/4 size brass bed, the mattress measures 46" X 73".

We cannot custom cut them. You can cut them, but it would void the warranty.