PuraSleep 8-inch CoolFlow Mattress

Good Morning Everyone! I am a representative with the manufacturer PuraSleep and am here to answer any questions you may have.

I purchased a queen sized mattress when Woot carried them about six months ago. (1) they reduced the price the last time Woot carries them, I got hooked! (2) Be warned that the foam does off an smell that some might find offensive, it takes about four weeks leaving the sheets, etc. off for the odor to leave. (3) They want the customer to purchase a foam topper, for greater comfort. The standard queen is very usable!

Buzz8444 I am sorry to hear that your mattress had the foam scent for over 48 hours. When properly aired out in a well ventilated room for 24-48 hours the fresh foam scent usually dissipates. Of course there are some of us who have extra sensitive noses and it can take a little longer.

Also, we recommend a topper to anyone who has a mattress that is too firm. A topper provides that extra plush layer of comfort to any mattress that is too firm. It’s always nice to know you have options to make your mattress fit you or your partners personal preference.

We appreciate your feedback and are glad you are enjoying your mattress!