PuraSleep Gel-Enhanced Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

Hello Wooters! We look forward to chatting with you today about our super comfy Gel Enhanced Topper.

How’s the breathability on these?

Hi! Our foam breaths well. We create our foam with an open-weave process that helps increase air flow. The enhanced gel also helps reduce heat build up if that’s what your concerned about. Hope that helps!


I bought the 2" cal king about a year or two ago. Pretty sure its the exact same one as it looks the same in the pictures. I’m happy with my purchase. Even after a year or two, it still soft and malleable and aligns the body.

Hello and thank you! It is the same topper that you purchased. We sure appreciate you sharing your great experience.

Sometimes silence says it all. In this case, not so much. :slight_smile:

What are the advantages of 3" vs. 2"?

It’s really a matter of personal preference and just how much cushy comfort that you like. If you really enjoy a luxe plush feeling, the 3" is for you. If you’re looking to make a too firm or lumpy mattress more comfortable, but you don’t want quite as much cushiness, then the 2" is a better choice.

I see many of these online have a separate cover. Any issues with “feel” with the uncovered/unlined gel below the sheet? How about under mattress pad?

How stuck do you get in these? I don’t want to feel like I’m in a pit of quicksand when I try to roll over at night. =)

Hello slowcredit. Good question. We believe that a mattress pad and fitted sheet are enough coverage while still allowing air to circulate through the foam which reduces heat build up. Thanks!

Hi Ramathorn. The topper is comfy while supportive but your existing mattress will have some influence on that too. I would suggest the 2" model which will add softness without the all cushiness of the 3" which some people prefer. I hope that helps but we’re here to discuss further if you’d like.

Why is the regular price of the 3 inch king cheaper than a 2 inch full? Thanks!

Hi greatpal, sorry not sure what you’re referring to here? Our 3" king is more than our 2" full on our website at luxefoam.com?

I’ve just heard that with some memory foam toppers, the impression that you make with your body takes so long to recover that it makes it nearly impossible to change positions while sleeping without fighting the pit you’ve already made. Do these recover quickly enough that you don’t get that effect?

Yes all of our toppers are made with high quality quick recovery foam. Keep in mind the more plush the topper is though the more you’ll be cradled by it, so a 2" might be better for you if you have any movement concerns.

I am looking for a mattress topper or pad that is ‘cooling’ for the summer months. Does this mattress really provide cooling capability, or does it just not get hot?

i bought this last time around and i have to say it broke down faster than any topper i’ve ever used. it is cooler, but it also has a deep permanent well in the center which took about a month to create. i bought the queen 3". i would not replace it with another.