PuraSleep Memory Foam Mattress (4 Sizes)

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PuraSleep Memory Foam Mattress (4 Sizes)
Price: $359.99 - 449.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Friday, Jun 20 to Wednesday, Jun 25) + transit
Condition: New


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Something that you may want to consider:


Hi everyone, I’m with the manufacture and have some helpful FAQs:

Synergy is a medium firm mattress,rated 5 to 6 on a scale of 1-10.

All mattresses ship via UPS and we use a special compression process that does not harm the mattress in any way and allows for the box to be much smaller than traditional bulky, hard to handle mattress boxes. The box easily fits through narrow hallways, doorways, and stairwells. The dimensions are 40”H x 20”W x 21".

Shipping is included in this deal.

All PuraSleep memory foam as well as our covers are Made in the USA.

These are good points to consider, and we should note that our special Energex transition layer was specially developed to give great “bounce” to our mattresses and remove the issues associated with traditional memory foam mattresses that were not considered to be responsive or resilient enough.

How does this compare heat retention wise to a gel topped mattress?

Is that considered “soft”?

I really wish you were reviewed on sleeplikethedead.com (are you? I didn’t see “PuraSleep” on there)

I have so much back pain and trouble sleeping, and I think it’s because my old school 15-year-old mattress is too firm for me. I want to feel like I’m sleeping on a cloud! Will this fit the bill?

Is there a site with honest reviews I can check out?

And: I assume I can place it on a standard box spring (foundation)?

I’d like to know this too.
My wife loves it warm, I however, have to be cold to sleep. I can’t sleep with flannel bed sheets, and the gel mattress topper she tried on our bed years ago was unbearable.

I know the technology has changed, but, I’m still real leery of foam mattresses.

So, how is the heat retention on this mattress?
Can you also list density for all layers (the description only lists the top layer).


In my limited experience with memory foam mattresses (I have owned 3 in the past year) I wouldn’t buy anything labeled any variation of “firm” … unless sleeping on a morgue slab is your preferred hardness level.

I will admit, I haven’t had a “PuraSleep” brand mattress, but unless the description says “plush” somewhere, I steer clear.

I also find it concerning that the only other site I see any Purasleep goods for sale is Groupon…

The memory foam layer is rather thin. Also no mention of the density of the support foam. May be a decent option for a guest bed or for a younger person that wants a bed like Mom and Dad. I would not expect it to last a long time either. Decent price for a bed made in the USA but you can build your own of higher quality for a bit more.

If you have back pain you want a high density memory foam. Cost a little more but much better support than medium or low density. Low density is like sleeping on plywood.

Our open cell CoolFlow formulation significantly increases air circulation as compared
to standard memory foams, eliminating heat buildup and moisture retention.

Please check out the customer reviews on our site: www.luxefoam.com.

A platform bed with a solid base makes the ideal support system: something firm, solid and rigid that supports the mattress from top to bottom and on all sides. Memory foam mattresses are designed to work on a flat, sturdy, non-spring foundation. Box springs usually have too much ‘give’, which is not ideal for any foam mattress. A bad foundation is the primary cause for memory foam mattresses not performing to their full potential as this affects their comfort and durability. You need something that provides uniform support for the mattress from top to bottom and side to side.

If you choose to use your existing box springs, they must be flat and sturdy. If you can press the foundation down with your hand, it is not sturdy enough.


Good point! The triple layer design of the Synergy mattress starts with a comfort layer of 1.5" of superior high density 4 lb Memory Foam for the ultimate in comfort, optimal performance and longevity. A 1.5" transition foam layer utilizing our unique proprietary Energex formula provides an added layer of unsurpassed support and resiliency. Our 7” Support Core Layer provides the proper support and alignment needed for years’ of restful

Only one A and it is an A minus. Unless this is a subset of all surfaces used for sex, they should normalize the results.

(serious about sex science!)

Hi phoenix12, You can find more information about PuraSleep at www.luxefoam.com. Thanks.

As compared to standard foam, the open cell CoolFlow technology of our foam increases air circulation eliminating heat buildup and moisture retention. In addition to the 4 lb. density of the top layer, the second layer is 3 lb. density and the 7" core is 2 lb. density. I hope this information is helpful!

Morning all.

And good morning to our PuraSleep representative. Thank you for jumping right in to answer questions!