PuraSleep Memory Foam Mattress (4 Sizes)

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PuraSleep Memory Foam Mattress (4 Sizes)
Price: $359.99 - 499.99
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Very quick googling has turned up some results. If you feel like paying 4x the price, your best bet is to go here. Those that are sane, feel free to stick around. You can also get that money you’re saving in singles and add it to the gel-infused layer if you want to help out with the airflow.

Or buy linens.

Common also are the Groupon sales which would have them up for the (suspiciously) same price. Not available now though, so Woot’s the place to be.

Lastly, a link going into some detail about the materials. Looks quite promising actually.

Good morning, I’m with the manufacturer, PuraSleep, and I will be assisting you with any questions throughout this deal.

how soft is the full size? I need something more then plush.

Is this a firm mattress of a softer mattress?

Good morning. You must really need a new mattress if you are already up shopping.

The [8x7

http://i.imgur.com/cPKMTdN.jpg[/IMG]](a-ha - Take On Me (Official Video) [Remastered in 4K] - YouTube)ynergy is a medium-firm no matter which size. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being firmest, the Synergy is a 7.

Good morning. The Synergy is a medium-firm mattress. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being firmest, this is a 7.


The only memory foam mattress I’ve slept on was at a Marriot Hotel. Does anyone know what that firmness would be on a 1-10 scale?

I own this mattress, if you’re looking for soft or plush, it’s not the way to go. I’d put it at an 8 or 9 for firmness.

Through our testing, we have determined the Synergy is a medium-firm mattress, rated at a 7 on a scale of 1-10, 10 being firmest.

Please visit the product page on our website for customer reviews at:


P.S. The Synergy is our best selling mattress and a customer favorite in terms of firmness. A firmer mattress will keep its comfort level longer than a softer mattress. Also, we designed Synergy to give the optimal level of orthopedic support.

You should always give your body a chance to get to know your new memory foam mattress. However, after a couple of months if you feel the mattress is firmer than you would like, you can always add a 2-3" topper. Then you will have the best of both with the support of the mattress and a little extra softness on top.

What kind of base does this mattress need? i.e. boxspring or frame? Thanks.

Hi. Thanks for being the first today to ask this question.

A platform bed with a solid base makes the ideal support system: something firm, solid and rigid that supports the mattress from top to bottom and on all sides. Memory foam mattresses are designed to work on a flat, sturdy, non-spring foundation. Box springs usually have too much ‘give’, which is not ideal for any foam mattress. A bad foundation is the primary cause for memory foam mattresses not performing to their full potential as this affects their comfort and durability. You need something that provides uniform support for the mattress from top to bottom and side to side.

If you choose to use your existing box springs, they must be flat and sturdy. If you can press the foundation down with your hand, it is not sturdy enough.

I bought this mattress recently on Woot and couldn’t be happier. It unrolled and installed beautifully. No strange smells as have been reported with other mattresses of this ilk. I agree the firmness is 7-8, a dream to sleep on. Perfect for a platform bed.

How well does this mattress dissipate body heat?

Thank you for the great review!

Very well! Our mattresses are constructed with an advanced technology air flow system that pulls heat away from your body down through the top layers of the mattress and out. We have not had any complaints about heat buildup with Synergy.