PuraSleep PuraVida SynerGel Memory Foam Mattresses

Good Morning Everyone! I am a representative with the manufacturer PuraSleep and am here to answer any questions you may have.

is there a firmness rating for the mattresses?

Our SynerGel Memory Foam Mattress is a 6.5 out of a 10 on the firmness scale making it a Medium Firm.

Great question! The firmness is a 6.5 out of a 10 making the SynerGel mattress a Medium Firm.

What is the heat retention like on this mattress. I don’t want to sweat to death. And being that the word “cool” is in this title of another mattress
PuraSleep LF-10103 Synergy Luxury Cool Comfort Memory Foam Mattress. What is the main difference?

Hi juju32000! Yes, all of our memory foam mattresses are made with our special open cell structured memory foam which allows air flow throughout the mattress which helps it to sleep cooler. However, the SynerGel has a cooling gel foam comfort layer that consists of 1.5" of premium high density 3.5 lb PuraGel Memory Foam for the ultimate in enhanced cooling comfort.

Ok. I’m just trying to justify purchasing a mattress that I haven’t laid on. Is there anywhere that I can read reviews from customers in regards to this mattress? And are all memory foam mattress shipped rolled up at some point in time? And what is the weight on this mattress?

You can read reviews on the product page on our website at http://www.luxefoam.com/product_p/lf-10117.htm Most any memory foam mattresses that are shipped are compressed,rolled and sealed. This is common practice. The boxed weight of the product is as follows:

Full: 60 lbs.
Queen: 70 lbs.
King: 87 lbs.
Cal King: 87 lbs.

Can I use the box springs I have now? Do you rotate these?

If your traditional box springs are truly the “spring” kind and have any give to them I don’t recommend it. A box spring can be used but we recommend a new box spring or foundation that is made to support memory foam mattresses. If you can put your full weight on your box springs and they don’t give at all, then they should work.

We recommend a platform style of bed that has a solid surface or a slatted base that has multiple, strong slats that are no more than 3” apart.

It is always good practice to rotate your mattress every 3 mos or so. No flipping, just rotate from head to foot to foot to head!

What are the density ratings of each layer of foam?

The density of the layers is as follows:

The top 1.5" of premium high density 3.5 lb
1.5" transition foam layer of 3 lb density foam
Finally the 7” Support Core Layer of 2 lb density foam

What is the difference between this one and the PuraSleep LF-10103 Synergy Luxury Cool Comfort Memory Foam Mattress?

The number one difference between the two mattress is that the SynerGel has a cooling gel foam comfort layer that consists of 1.5" of premium high density 3.5 lb PuraGel Memory Foam for the ultimate in enhanced cooling comfort. They Synergy does not have the cool gel foam layer.

I actually bought one of these mattresses a few months ago. I was very weary about my purchase but needed a new mattress and couldn’t pass on the price.

I was quite happy and the bed wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. It does take a good few days to get used to it though but I sleep much better now and wake up with no more back aches!

Obviously this information is subjective and everyone will have a different opinion but I’ve tried out some tempurpedics that always seemed too hard (even when looking at soft, maybe I wasn’t used to memory foam).

My wife is a very hot sleeper and typically sweats in her sleep, this has NOT been an issue with this mattress even with a light blanket in the summer time. I’ve never felt hot sleeping in this bed, at least never enough to even notice!

Dear arkanisca we are soooo happy to hear that your wife isn’t sweating at night anymore. Yay! We so appreciate your feedback and are glad you are satisfied with your PuraSleep mattress. Have a great weekend and sleep well!

Just got our purasleep mattress. Very satisfied, we didn’t experience any unpleasant odors or long break in time.
I still love the mattress, however, it is too firm for my wife(It is pretty firm). Keep this in mind when ordering. She can’t sleep on it so I’m forced to find a new mattress from a store somewhere. Probably best to test one out in person than order one on line.