PuraSleep Serenity 10" Mattress-5 Sizes

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That is not the Serenity. Here’s the correct mattress

What is the return policy?

If unopened, it falls under our Holiday returns policy (see the link in my signature). If opened, returns for defective product only.

Would there be any damage to the mattress if it stayed rolled up after delivery for a few months? We will not need it until March but do not wish to lose out on the deal!

The general recommendation I’ve heard from our vendors is that it’s not a good idea.

Luckily, we sell memory foam mattresses pretty regular so check back closer to when you move.

Bought this last time it was on sale here at woot. It is runs a little more on the softer side of medium (which we like). I think they said 4.5 out of 10 on firmness scale. Love how it feels. I sleep on side and back and no issues with either. The only con I have to say is how long it took to air out. Other matresses I have had experience with air out and return to normal shape fairly quickly. This one took 24 hours to expand and 3 days with ceiling fan on high to get ride of the smell. The last matress we bought was good to go after only a couple hours.

Bought one via WOOT in December 2016. Have now used for several months and found it to be a very comfortable for sleeping on back, side or stomach.