PuraSleep Serenity Mattress - 5 Sizes

What is the trial period of mattress incase you don’t like the feel?

Sorry. We don’t offer a trial period for mattresses (or anything actually).

These are great mattresses for the price! We considered Casper and Lunabed, but a Purasleep from Woot was much cheaper, and very comfortable.

What is the density (and material) of the 7.5" foam core?

From the vendor: “The core support is 7.5” HD (high density) 2 lb. Polyfoam. Please note that core support foam density is very different than the Visco-Elastic Polyurethane Memory Foam found in the top layers of memory foam mattresses. 2lb. core support foam will last longer and maintain the firmness longer than other lower density conventional polyfoams.”