PuraSleep Serenity Mattress - 5 Sizes

Would this be okay to leave in the box for 2-3 months until I move?

Just wait till you move and buy it on Amazon. It’s cheaper than Woot and with free shipping. I miss the good old days when Woot actually had bargains.

Nice try but here it is on Amazon and you’ll see that we’re quite a bit cheaper.

Over priced. I ordered a twin size and a full size mattress. Purchased in a rush, sorry I did not shop around.

I purchased this here a few months ago and left it in the box till just recently because we were renovating. It was fine and super comfy. I’m glad I bought it.

Would this work on a twin Roll-A-Bed that folds in half when not used? It would be stored folded in half 95% of the time in the frame.

We had this question come up on a different sale, and the vendor said that it was not a good idea, since the folding might damage the mattress over time. :frowning:

Honestly, after it has expanded, to get it to fold again would take a lot of pressure and effort to get it back in a hide-a-bed. I would think this mattress is a little thick for something like that.

I don’t know where you guys are shopping but when I bought this mattress off woot around almost 6 months ago it was actually $30 more expensive. I think you are confusing this with the Cool Flow mattress. This is the Serenity. The CoolFlow is regular memory foam (which is cheaper but not as nice) where as this Serenity is made of Gel Memory Foam which is suppose to dissipate the heat better.

I have not slept on the Coolflow but I like the comfort of the Serenity. Compared to a regular memory foam mattress I purchased 9 Years ago, the Serenity does stay a little cooler. In fact, I have noticed that it takes longer to get warm under the covers because it literally feels like it wicks the heat away. Hopefully I will like that this summer but it was always a little chilly at first when I climbed into bed this winter.

Also, I did try a medium rated firmness 6/10 and ended up not liking it (too firm). Decided to stick it in the guest bedroom. We replaced it with this one which I felt was just right. It is suppose to be rated a medium firmness 4/10.