PuraSleep Serenity Mattress - Queen

Been needing a new mattress for too long, have never had a memory foam mattress, never bought a mattress online or bought without being able to try it out first. But at $200, in addition to this mattress being rated as a medium firmness, this seemed like the right time to give all these firsts a try. At worst, will have a useable bed that doesn’t thrill for which I spent little money. At best, I’ll have a bed that makes me want to write a glowing review akin to some posted on Amazon. But as a Wooter of many years who’s spent way too much money with Woot, it’s instances like these that are becoming increasingly rare, when I’ve pulled the trigger for something that sells out so quickly that I get that bit of extra satisfaction from the feeling I found a good deal that few others were lucky enough to benefit from. I’m disappointed for those who awoke to find a deal they’d have wanted was already sold out, but happy for those who benefited. However to all my fellow Wooters, I wish you a wonderful Memorial Day weekend enjoying the freedoms so many sacrificed for!