Purchase limit of 15 shirts of any given design?

I’ve found myself with a recent abundance of artist shirt credits, and given that we already have more shirts than we know what to do with, I figured I would let my teacher niece pick a shirt to give her 17 first grade students for the upcoming holidays. I’ve already ordered 14 of the 17 needed, but ran into a blocker on the checkout page:

Limit 15 per customer on this product, total (including all models). You’ve already bought some, so you can’t buy this many now. Please lower the quantity.

Is it really not possible to buy more than 15 shirts of a given design? I’m sure there are reasons (but am genuinely curious as to why?), but would it be possible to get a one-time exception? I’m only two shirts short of the needed quantity. In case it helps, she picked Simic’s The Floor is Lava Shirt.

I could pick another design, but trying to hand out different designs to a group of kids, and thinking everyone will be happy, clearly has never dealt with a group of kids. If I can help avoid this situation, I (and she) would be grateful!

Thank you!

Hi there. I’m asking.

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