Pure Bread

This shirt is the best thing since sliced cat.

…wait, what?

Pure Bread is pure win :wink:

so cute…such a great lazy day shirt.

Do they actually sell cat shaped bread cause I would so totally buy that?!

Just making sure y’all know your meme.

See also: Catloaf, Mow-loaf, and loaf of breading.

Oh, and let’s not forget Catloaf’s cousin: Pop-tart cat.

Are they fur-bred cats?

‘Hi honey, I’m home. Have you been baking bread and why is there a dead rat on the doorstep?’

Is the bread whole wheat? I can’t buy this until I know.

So this is an obscure reference to a failed meme? OK, I’m lost.

I freaked out for a full two minutes before I could form a sentence. I am now informing my fiance that I have to buy this shirt. BREADS! AND CATS! :3

All XL women sizes will be sold out with in a few hours. You must HURRY!

Ha ha ha ha, so fluffin cute. I’m so picky on my cat shirts but I really like this one.

Edit: ha ha ha “Last wooter to woot: Poopy Kitty”

My dog would love a slice of this.

Wow, my lion tree coupon sure was short lived! Off I go to spend it on the loafy toastlett kittehs!!!

Congrats on this adorable print, Littleclyde! I will be thrilled to wear it, wuahaha!

you’re my honeybunch, sugarplum,
pumpyumpyumpkin, you’re my sweetie Pie
you’re my cuppycake gumdrop
snoogums snoogums, you’re the apple of my eye

old memes are old

Curse you sir! You beat me to it!

I’m still posting Cuppycake Gumdrops YTMND with the cat bread though, so nyah nyah.

doggonnut, I can’t think of any cat or bread pun that woot won’t erase.

Wear this shirt if you have cats; no one will notice the cat hair.