Pure Comfort Full Size Air Mattress

Very good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at wayfair.com

If she comes with it, then you can definitely put me down for one. My wife has always wanted us to buy one of those.(mattresses)

Some more feedback from Amazonians. If that isn’t a word, I invented it.

That bed looks so… big - and that travel bag looks oh so small.

Don’t you think your wife might disapprove of the “accessory”?

LOL…yes! Very good point. She’d get a kick outta me saying that though. I did buy the mattress, and will have to pass on the accessory. LOL

When I try this out I am most definitely going to wear my A Separate Peace T-shirt from shirt.woot.com I think they will go well together.

Anyone ever have problems with those pumps that come with air mattress ?

A few not-so-great reviews over at Amazon. Seems that it might have a problem staying fully inflated (partially deflates throughout the night).

It should be noted though that vinyl will relax and stretch so the amount of “topping off” with air might be higher during its first few usages.

I was really hoping to grab one of these for camping – what to do…

Seems like the reviews on Amazon may not be the exact same ‘model’ of air mattress, not sure though.

Should be alright after ‘topping off’ once or twice from stretching out…

Seems like it would be nice to use in the back of a pick-up truck too.

Bought one of these previously on woot. The pump stopped working after only a few uses. Unfortunately the 90 day warranty had expired at that point forcing me to inflate it with an external air pump. The mattress itself is sturdy and holds air very well. For that reason this is still a good deal at this price. I paid $14 for an air pump that inflates it just as fast as the one it came with.

Just an FYI re: slight deflation…
these raised air beds have been a camping staple of mine for over 10 years now. This one will be #6. NOT because they “pop” or go bad, but because I keep lending them out and they never seem to make it home again.

ANYWHOOOO - they WILL “fill up”, then seem to deflate slightly as the vinyl stretches and loosens. EVERY TIME. I fill mine early, then put some camping “stuff” on it (backpack, clothing, etc., anything with just a little bit of weight.), then ignore it until bedtime. Then I fill it again. Do NOT expect to fillit, immediately hop on it, go to sleep, and expect to wake up to the same firmness you laid down on. Not gonna happen.
But knowing this ahead of time? Easy fix.
May save you some irritation, AND may have corrected some of those “fill up issue” reviews.

Does the pump have a rechargeable battery or is it a plug-in unit only?

The description only states “electric air pump” (as does the Wayfair link), which suggests you’d be out of luck in a tent in the woods. The Amazon link, if it’s correct, does specify a battery-powered pump.

Under specs here it says

*“Dimensions: 18” H x 54" W x 74" D

In the box:

(1) Pure Comfort 6009FRB Full Size Raised Air Mattress includes:
•110 Volt Electric Air Pump
•Travel Bag
•Repair Kit"*

So I would ASSUME 110 AC only since there is no mention of batt.

I always liked the batt. ones (sometimes less powerful though) because I rigged up my own AC to DC supply for use when AC was handy and a DC to DC supply if a car/truck/boat was handy, batt. was power of last resort if the others were not avail.

Bummer. No battery. Unless trees have outlets, I’m out for this one.


There are 4 low reviews.

Of the 2 star reviews, one complains about difficulty of getting out due to illness and daily topping off and the other got the wrong item. Of the 1 star reviews, one said that it deflated 50% and one said that none of the parts fit (hose onto pump and into mattress). I find it hard to believe that this is due to poorly designed parts rather than poorly chosen users.

I’m still a maybe, I think I’d like a battery powered mattress for portability. But isn’t the point of camping to sleep on the ground? Decisions…

This unit has an AC pump only.

Does this look taller than 18 inches to anyone else? I can’t figure out if it’s just the perspective or what, but something is messing with my perception of this thing. It looks at least 30 inches tall to me, not 18. Anyone?

Anyone know what type of sheets go with this bed?

Full Size deep mattress sheets.