Pure Digital F360 Mino 60 Minute Camcorder

If you buy this item and get it first in the mail then you get to record the joys of your following woots whether be it opening your BOCs, knives, and earbuds from the mail!

shame on you woot, for keeping us up late for nothing.

Looks Like another Day of Woot-off Coming!

I got one of these not too long ago and it’s been nothing short of fantastic. Keep in mind, however, it is VGA resolution… but for the price you can’t beat it.

overpriced and not hd passssssssssss

I hope so, I have no school tomorrow.

Holding my Flip camera in my hands right now and it’s fantastic! It’s so easy to use and upload with it’s great USB and software. Great quality videos too. I love it!

bought a new one at best buy for 100 bucks, so this is an ok deal. If you can afford it and want to you can go to theflip.com where you can design your own and have one that’s high def. great camera!

60 min. on 2 gigs, qualitity must be worse than my cell phone.

sold out already?!? say it ain’t so!