Pure Digital Flip Classic 60 Minute Camcorder

man the things i could record in 60min

I have one of these and paid twice as much. We use it for videos of the kids to put on YouTube and simple fun stuff. Cheap, rugged, and it doesn’t matting if you drop it cause it was forty bucks!

idk if 39.99 is worth secretly recording my girlfriend…

not this wootoff of course

30 secs to post it… :slight_smile: I didn’t make it

haaahahahaha!! Looks like Tim Curry’s evil brother from Legend

He needs some clear eyes

good for youtube vids. my old 3 MP point and shoot camera does better video tho, an hour on a 1 GB stick… c’mon woot

lol thats some funny stuff

Do you think this is a ok camcorder for a 8 y/o to make lego movies?

i swear this is my last one…

please woot, bring something good next time around, and not something that will sell out in 10 seconds and make me stay awake!

Got home just in time to buy one!

in for one… I’ll give it to the wife and tell her she can just email the family the vids. i just bought myself time for my stuff for a while. She’ll figure it out soon though.

ill sell ya 2 :slight_smile:

why is this woot off going so long

actually you might say you got home just in time to buy three… eh

woot is trying to get everyone fired at work so their employees can take over our jobs, isn’t it obvious?

This is what my buddy brought to vegas with him and also what everyone voted on to destroy. Off the balcony.

They hate us.

Too tired to stay up any longer but i know when i go to sleep there will be a box of cloves. I have to stay up. If only i could play a crappy NASCAR game or install a garage door opener while i wait…

Ok - I’m not a n00b, but I’ve been away from Woot n other internetz for too long. What the hell is this crap regarding “rocket number 9”?? What did I miss?