Pure Digital Flip MinoHD 2 Hour Digital Camcorder

I actually couldn’t tell much of a difference as far as image stability. All of these cameras are jerky even with the software.

I’ve had one for a year and it is a great little portable camera. The USB connection works fine and it will hang on there until it is downloaded and charged. No problem with support on the USB connection, it does just fine and won’t break off.

Sound is good and picture is excellent. It does not have stablization which means it will shake if hand held. Also, in a heavy wind, you will not be able to record sound other than the wind itself.

It is so small and light you will forget it’s in your breat pocket. I keep it with me all the time.

Filmed with my flip

Hahaha I was actually thinking of taking it to my next Muse show so that’s pretty much the perfect endorsement.

To those who say the USB port fit is bad…is it the shape of the camera trying to get to a port, or is it just manufactured poorly to fit all usb ports?

As I wrote, get a USB female (on one end) to male connecting cable, and that problem is solved. You can them on Ebay, or anyplace else that sells connectors.

I agree, I mean don’t get me wrong I am a dark and twisted when it comes to humor and I get yelled at because I tend to cross the line…a lot, but too soon!

Thank you!

Anytime - I have filmed with it quite a bit but that is my only concert footage that i have posted up. It performs much better than i could have hoped in those low light and loud situations

But if it doesn’t fit a regular computer or laptop USB why would it fit any adapter? I think that might be a hit and miss fix. But what the heck! Can you suggest one that you know works?

The problem is with the arm, not really the USB connector itself. Any cable with a female USB end should accept the arm. You may have to push a little harder, but since you don’t have to twist the arm, that isn’t a problem. I don’t remember where I got mine, but I just got the cheapest cable I saw.

I did some filming in low light footage in my living room. Day time with blinds closed and no interior lights. It wasn’t even that dark being that it was the middle of the day. But it was horribly grainy. I watched footage on a 52" LCD that i know outdoor day time footage looks great on. I didn’t even think it looked that great on my 15" laptop screen. Blacks were really gray. But if you use an ambient light like a lamp it seemed to work alot better.

I know that the Rosewill USB “extension cords” have only the metal sheath around the outside of the female end, so they’d be pretty easy to “modify” to fit an oversized connector. Plus, if you break it, you’re only out about two bucks.

I usually buy about five at a time from Newegg.

oh, well it seems you didn’t have the problem i was refering to. read the reviews on Amazon they will refer to what i was talking about. actually not being able to insert the USB in the port. it was a big issue with this model.

i should make a vid of this cause if i try to insert the “Flip” USB into any other port than the one i’ve been using i have to force it in with alot of struggle.

??? It’s an extension cable mang

so you’re saying the female side of an extension cable is a different dimension than a laptop or computer. i don’t think so.

here’s a link of others with the same issue. i actually own this product. i know what the problem is.


Nope, the whole premise of this camera is that it’s dead simple to operate. The only real recording option is Digital Zoom. Outside of that, you rarely ever have to fiddle with the buttons.

Man, you must have some bad luck. We just bought four of these cameras and they all fit just fine across several different desktops and laptops. Did you bend the plug the first time you were trying to jam it in there?

in for 3! This is a perfectly targeted woot! as I was already looking to buy a few of these (at full[ish] price!) to hand out to some guests to shoot some video during my wedding. At this price I can get 3 for the price of one. Thx woot!

I’ve had an old Flip Ultra (non-HD) for a while, and it does the job well enough. Unless you’re into some serious amateur film making or videography, you wouldn’t need anything more complicated than one of these (and if you are, might as well pick up a new dSLR that shoots HD video).

Nope. You just got lucky. That’s why these things are liquidating. They still sell this model for over 200 bucks new. Wonder why?

I don’t see a specific model number or generation number anywhere. Did I miss it somehow? Can anyone confirm it please?