Pure Digital Flip MinoHD 2 Hour Digital Camcorder

I just used a Kodak Zi8 for a work project and handed out a bunch of these Flips to some PAs to capture broll and random sots for our website… I like the Flip video better and the sound rivaled my Zi8 that had an external mic attached.
Also, the Flip attaches much more securely to the computer than the Kodak. I’ve also never had any problems connecting to my MacBook Pro with either camera. In for one!

so i went on their website and it said the current one has image stabilization. is this the latest gen or the one before?

I bought one of these when they first came out. I hang it both horizontally and vertically off of the usb port all the time. I have never had a problem. I also bought some usb extension cables which work really well.

Was the Mino attached to your helmet? If so, how? Is helmet mounting hardware available? Did mountain cold affect battery life?

Anyone know how this compares to the Creative Vado??

Man, you guys really tore up that green.

I Wooted the 1 hr. capacity Flip a couple of months ago to film my daughter’s volleyball games. It is fantastic for that. I post all the game films to the FlipShare Channel for the other parents and players to watch. I’m getting this one for extended film time.

You guys found that description distasteful? Wow.

I think I’m all over this offer.

For refurb units; do they replace the battery? I want to 2 but i don’t really feel like having to deal with a dead battery in a matter of months.

on 10/14/2010, you successfully wooted.

You want 2

Pure Digital Flip MinoHD 2 Hour Digital Camcorder
You ordered 2 Pure Digital Flip M2120M MinoHD Digital Camcorder w/2” LCD, 720p, 8GB, mini-HDMI – Brushed Metal.

Let’s hope they work… :slight_smile:

I got one of these free for a home research study. I had been wanting one, but not actively. I’m glad I didn’t buy one.

As a mom with three kids, I like having a compact camera to keep in my purse so that I never forget to bring a camera.

We have three Kodak camera’s (two compact, one full size) and all of them take better video (and sound) than the Flip.

My camera’s use SD memory, so I have expandable recording space, my camera’s zoom better and since I use a card reader (just pop the SD card into it), it’s easy to upload the video.

How do these compare to a normal digital camera with HD video capabilities?

I do not like these devices and I don’t recommend purchasing one. I was so excited to get one and then sad when it sucked. :frowning:

8 cents cheaper at tigerdirect.com

And you know you’ll get it within two weeks.

But buy from woot anyhow, I like them better.

Purchased one last time around, it failed within a couple weeks and had to be RMA’ed with Flip (the battery would not charge). They replaced it, no problem, but the process took over two weeks to complete.

i didnt, i was just holding it in my hand.
it wasnt really cold and i didnt have it out for very long.

nyuck nyuck… it was the only area where i was able to take out the camera w/o fear of crashing

Got one of these about 6 months ago “Free” from TDBank for opening an account. Works well. But, video time is limited to available memory. Has limited zoom which can not be changed during shooting. This model may have different software so “your results may be different”.

I have owned one for about a year and I must say they are quite convenient. However, because of its small size the videos can sometimes come out quite shaky. I highly recommend investing in a tripod.

Not the same model.

I looked at the FLIP but got the Kodak Playsport 1080p capable Zx3. Incredible camera and is usable under water up to 10 feet. Great quality video as well. 720/30 720/60 and 1080/60fps. 5mp Shots. Comes with HDMI Cable AV cable, USB/Wall charger…

Software stinks, but for 139.00 at costco you can’t beat it…