Pure Digital Flip MinoHD 2 Hour Digital Camcorder

Just as an idea of the sound quality, I took this with a Kodak zi8 and no external mic.

I’d assume both this and the zi8 are very similar.

That’s exactly the sort of thing I was hoping for! Does it handle the noise of an electric set as well? Thanks!

I got both from a local store several months ago to compare. The sound on the Zi8 is much much worse.

Since Santa will be asking for my help in a couple of months I’m in for 2.

i borrowed my friends mino same model as this one. i read the reviews online saying it had good recording in dark concerts and sound was great. i looked up videos and was convinced so i borrowed it. my link has the videos from the mino. i was sad there was that thumping sound from the loud music vibrating through the air hitting the mic of the mino. i don’t blame the mino since there were a lot amps/stereo’s stacked on the walls.

Bah, this sucks woot. I bought a b-stock creative vadoHD something like 12 hours ago, and then you put up a deal on one of these.

Anybody know if this is much better than the VadoHD? The vado was cheaper, but I hear Flip has the best video quality of these pocket cams.

I’ll sacrifice the audio quality for image stabilization, but that’s just me…

WOW, this is cheap. BUT here’s the major issue, chances are you won’t get this to fit ANY of your USB ports without having to rough house it a little. I actually own this exact cam. I bought the refurb for what i thought was cheap(112.00). They’ve been discounting this cam just because of the USB issue. Google it. I researched this issue before hand so i knew there might be a problem when i recieved it. With MUCH resistance i was able to squeeze my Flip cam in. But you pretty much have to be willing to destroy a port to get it to work. Not saying you will, but that’s how much of a struggle it is. You can get the AC adapter for charging but you might want to download a vid sometime so you will be confronted with this issue. BE WARNED. Ever since i got mine to work i’ve been using the same port on my laptop ever since so i don’t have any problem anymore. How that works out i don’t know. But it does so i’m happy. This cam is pretty awesome. Great HD vid but kinda lacks in really low light situation and no image stabilization. But for the price i might just get another. Oh, and by the way i had to send back the first reburb i got cause it was still bad apparently they’ve been having a problem with thier refurbs. But i stuck it out and eventually got a good one. Very satisfied.

wow. you guys must have some sweet legal immunity to say the stuff you say in your product descriptions. i’m not offended, but look out for the guys that sued over hot coffee……

It handles an electric set pretty well actually as long as you’re not in the front row.

Further back in General Admission might be ok but I was in the seats at MSG for Muse and it produced almost as good quality as that acoustic set. Those vids got lost though. :frowning:


refurb froogled

I actually couldn’t tell much of a difference as far as image stability. All of these cameras are jerky even with the software.

I’ve had one for a year and it is a great little portable camera. The USB connection works fine and it will hang on there until it is downloaded and charged. No problem with support on the USB connection, it does just fine and won’t break off.

Sound is good and picture is excellent. It does not have stablization which means it will shake if hand held. Also, in a heavy wind, you will not be able to record sound other than the wind itself.

It is so small and light you will forget it’s in your breat pocket. I keep it with me all the time.

Filmed with my flip

Hahaha I was actually thinking of taking it to my next Muse show so that’s pretty much the perfect endorsement.

To those who say the USB port fit is bad…is it the shape of the camera trying to get to a port, or is it just manufactured poorly to fit all usb ports?

As I wrote, get a USB female (on one end) to male connecting cable, and that problem is solved. You can them on Ebay, or anyplace else that sells connectors.

I agree, I mean don’t get me wrong I am a dark and twisted when it comes to humor and I get yelled at because I tend to cross the line…a lot, but too soon!

Thank you!

Anytime - I have filmed with it quite a bit but that is my only concert footage that i have posted up. It performs much better than i could have hoped in those low light and loud situations

But if it doesn’t fit a regular computer or laptop USB why would it fit any adapter? I think that might be a hit and miss fix. But what the heck! Can you suggest one that you know works?