Pure Digital Flip MinoHD 2 Hour Digital Camcorder

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Pure Digital Flip MinoHD 2 Hour Digital Camcorder
$69.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 Pure Digital Flip M2120M MinoHD Digital Camcorder w/2" LCD, 720p, 8GB, mini-HDMI - Brushed Metal

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If it weren’t refurbished, I’d be all over this!!! Downside: It doesn’t record in 1080p

Also not expandable… Although I think 8 GB is plenty-- you can record an entire feature film with it. The turn-on to scene shooting time is only a couple seconds, too. That’s great for those “Damn I wish I had a video camera” moments.

Wonderful little camera–very compact, sturdy, good audio/video quality, and easy enough for my kids or even my wife to use (She’s away on a trip, so I am feeling brave.). Might have to get another couple for the kids’ stockings.

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Kind of suprised to see it back so soon. I just got mine in the mail LESS than 2 weeks ago

Oddly enough you can get one of these (though not this exact model) camcorders for free if you open a checking account + a savings account at Trustco bank.


Paid over $200 for mine. This thing is sleek and sexy and small enough to fit in any pocket.
Short clip from a green on tahoe

In addition to great video, the sound picked up was surprisingly effective.

YouTube videos:

Flip Mino HD - Unbox, Sample Shots and Impressions

Flip MinoHD review

I’m going to pass on this one.

Refurbished examples of Kodak’s Zi8, which shoots 1080p with 4x digital zoom, has image stabilization and the advantage of an SDHC card slot for removable storage, has an optional remote control and has an external microphone input have been showing up for nearly the same price, lately.

I bought one for my office, three weeks ago, for $69 shipped from Adorama. (Current low price is $79.) Granted, you do have to buy a memory card, but the Zi8 seems to offer slightly better low-light performance.

You mean this previous woot?


Got one last wootoff. recorded a show in a dark club. here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=psj8Jt82gr8

edit: not last wootoff, but recently…

Here’s the manual

Up close Concert

When the concert isn’t super super super loud it does great

Close up - Perfect Sound
But When there is lots of loud bass you see part of it’s short coming

Close up, but right next to speaker bank

Video quality is top notch
Sound quality is great until you get into Extreme levels of noise

Since this is a pretty good deal for this camera, check out this neat idea for it’s use!

Kite + [low cost]Camcorder


Yep - That’s the one

It’s a modern day toaster!

Yesterday’s Woot told us all we need to know about this or any other: res ipsum loquitor.