Pure Digital Flip Ultra Series 30 Minutes Video Camcorder

Now that iPod Nanos have a camera, Flip Video has to be scrambling to come up with something that has either a very compelling price, or amazing feature set.

“Simple camorder, shooting video is as easy as taking a picture”

Spell check?

cnet’s review

YouTube has video comparing the Flip Ultra to the Mino. Note that there are HD versions of both out there, and that is NOT what Woot is selling here.

Previous Woots…


Walmart New

Well, the iPod Nano’s camera is pretty cheesy, while this one’s pretty decent, even in low light, and it has better software for uploading to YouTube and other sites. How’s that?


So let me get this straight, there’s no SD slot? Or any way to expand the memory?

Yeah, I’ll pass. If I’m going to drop even 50 bucks on a camera of any sort, it needs memory expansion capability.

I saw this at Sam’s Club a few months ago and almost got it I wonder if this is a good deal our 8 y/o b-day is 12/27 and he is always trying to make videos with my camera

I bought one of these on Woot about 6 months ago. I love it … just ridiculously easy to use , hardware and software. It’s not HD … but it is more than acceptable quality.

iMovie is pretty hard to beat for YouTube production/uploading.

I have this exact model from a previous woot. I love it. It’s great for short videos of the kids for friends and relatives to watch on YouTube. Not great for professionals, but great for me.

The Flip Mino HD makes this and the new nano look like junk.

i bought the 60 minute flip. it is a good video camera the only thing i dont like is the time limit… and 30 mins would really bug the crap out of me. but vid quality is great!!!

I wonder who that person is, shown on the camcorder in the additional rear view photos…

The audio on these is usually pretty high frequency oriented (tinny). If you need good audio this is not the way to get it.

This bad boy WILL get used in Tiger Stadium…Probably too bad that it won’t get to me in time for the game this weekend against Southwestern Louisiana (Yes, LSU Fans still refer to them as that, despite their weak attempts to start passing themselves off as “UL” or “University of Louisiana”).

Which means that it may not be used until Florida comes to town in October…Which will be more epic than Gandalf the Fuschia rallying the Troops in Helm’s 6 Feet Deep for a battle Royale against Andre The Giant, Gorilla Monsoon, & The Iron Sheik in a No-Holds-Barred MMA match guest refereed by Chick Lidell…

Or something like that.

Buy two … twice the memory.
Buy three … three times the memory.

See? Woot’s got you covered.

With the NEW iPod Nano doing video… Flip is SOOOOOO DEAD!! Plus this is a refurb… No Freaking way…