Pure Digital Flip Ultra Series 30 Minutes Video Camcorder

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Pure Digital Flip Ultra Series 30 Minutes Video Camcorder
$39.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 Pure Digital Flip Ultra Series 30 Minutes Video Camcorder

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Cheapest new is $75


this is NOT hd



good night everyone

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Only pink left… in for one… great girly gift!

It’s only $40 - for the price, these rock even in SD.

FYI: we bought a refurb 60min Flip off of Woot a few months ago (6-9ish) and it just completely died last week. Can’t get to my videos or anything, just died while I was using it. The other one we bought and gave as a gift is still going strong though.

These are not HD…but, we have had 2 of these Flip cameras (only in the 60 minute model)for about a year and the pictures are really pretty good anyway. Unless you are a professional videographer or photographer who demands high-definition quality… this provides a very high quality video of your pets, kids, grandkids and it is SIMPLE to use!

@jenberk … u gave the wrong one away as a gift…lol

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I’ll take over from here.

good night

I also bought the 60 minute flip last time it was on Woot and it died:( can’t hold a charge…Bum deal!!

Okay, I will bite and buy the last one. For 40 bananas, it will be a stocking stuffer for x-mas. Even if the last one is pink.

They are not rechargable. Put new batteries in it.

I keep missing these! I am looking to get one of these and I keep missing it. Please do one again.