Pure Digital Flip Ultra Series F230 Camcorder

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Pure Digital Flip Ultra Series F230 Camcorder
$59.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Recertified

Product List:

  • 1 Pure Digital Flip Ultra Series F230 30 Minute Camcorder

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Recertified Pure Digital Flip Ultra Series F230 Camcorder, for $59.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Pure Digital Flip Ultra Series F230 30 Minute Camcorder

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Lots of good reviews on Amazon…

And good reviews on ALatest too…

It is my duty as a U.S. citizen to buy one and help woot us out of a recession.

I have a Flip Video Mino so take this with a grain of salt seeing how it is not the exact model on Woot tonight. Mine freezes sometimes and I have to reset it in order to get it working or to pull the vids off of it. It’s handy and I use it but sometimes it can be unreliable. Have a backup if you are planning on capturing timeless family memories.

o man i kinda wanna get it my girlfriend wanted one…but this one is only 30 minutes not sure what to do…any suggestions

These are great for the youtube crowd. Take a quick shot and upload it fairly easily.

USB interface camcorder, only records 30 minutes of video at a time, unexpandable, doesn’t take stills, AND requires AA batteries…gracias, pero no.

I have one of these and the build quality is complete junk. The display can crack very easily. The display on mine broke for no reason at all.

640X480 is really crappy right ?

I’d like something like this to get some short videos to post on my website (business), but I don’t think that the quality would be good enough … what you guys say ?

I have this and they are awesome. I spent $159 on mine…

Do I get 2?

I bought one and it froze both of my computers any time I tried to install the software or even hook it up. I took it back and got another and it works great. THe included software isn’t the best but it is a super slick little camera. Runs forever on the battery. Perfect for keeping in you bag for fun little movies. Just hope you don’t get my first one refurbed. It stunk.

There’s an HD version for $209 new

These are great cameras if you’re not overly concerned about quality. More than good enough for YouTube or Blogging.

I have a FLIP HD that i bought from Circuit City for 129 bucks. it rocks. this is a step down model, but other than the resolution, the features are pretty much the same. I am very happy with the one I bought. No comment on the respiffing.

These are pretty cool, I had to sell these at work and they were really cool and the 59 isn’t a bad price for these, good Christmas gifts.

Very low resolution for the $$, I’ll have to pass.