Pure Digital Flip Ultra Series F230 Camcorder

Please tell me which Circuit city you bought the HD one for at $129. The only HD one I’m aware of (the new Mino) is around $200 min just about everywhere…

bought one of the older models for a friend. its actually quite great. has software built in to pull stills from the videos. since theyre progressive scan, the stills are not shabby. theyre not “hd” but theyre higher res than a standard TV set at 320x240.

better quality than an old hi-8 tape by leaps and bounds.

this is perfect for the grandfolks to take vids of the grand-kids when you dump them off so’s you and the spouse can go on a bender in mexico.

The AA thing is actually a GOOD thing. $10 buys you a charger and four batteries. And in a pinch, you can always pop in regular AA cells. I always look for that for my digital cameras. But yeah, 30 min and no SD slot makes this a no-go.

are these good!!??

anyone have/try one? Ive wanted one of these suuuuper bad, and yea, i may just have to get this!!!

Awesome device! Bought one for my nine year old daughter and she uses it all the time (although most movies are aventures of her guinea pigs). Easy to use, sound is great and picture is not bad (not HD though). We bought the one that does 60mins for about $150 retail, but 30 mins is fine.

It is a great deal and actually works really well. This is easy to use and simple to get images into the computer.

Lacks any memory slot to upgrade, but takes AA batteries and, really, do you you want to watch more than 30 mins of videos?

It aint the Mino, but at this price kids will have a Merry Xmas!!!

HD is around 200 bucks.

I have this model…“flipping” rocks for what it’s for. It’s basically a Polaroid camera for video. Shooting short videos of yourself on vacation or of your family gatherings at Christmas don’t really require an HD camera, let’s be honest. And you don’t have to buy mini dvd’s or DV tapes or worry about a firewire card on your computer. Does your grandma want to mess with any of that stuff either? No she does not, young man.

And if someone steals it off your table at a club in Roppongi, or you drop it on the cobblestones in Krakow, it’s a lot less painful than losing a 1000 dollar camera. And it weights a lot less too.

Meh, 640 x 480 isn’t good enough for me.

should have seen that one coming… No but seriously anyone know a cheap camera what about the insignia at best buy

And you never really noticed that the 4+ AAs in your digital cameras were heavier and lasted only about 1/3 of the time that a Lithium Ion pack did?

I would by it if took still pictures

640x480 is pretty much DVD quality. But resolution aside, the quality of the compression engine really determines how good videos will look. Google for samples.

You can order up to 2, but the default is 1. The “2” icon on the main page is for 2 day shipping.

I almost pulled the trigger. My teen youtubes, and I’ve had one of the 60 minute versions (before the HD was out, fwiw) since April. I’m halfway through uploading vids of her school choir show that was tonight. Just plug it in, and show youtube where the vids are. And she can just throw it in her purse, no worries.

I honestly don’t know anything about the ‘included software’, as I just shoot it straight to youtube so she can share with her friends. I’m sure you could find my page if you want… All my vids from April on were with a Flip.

It’s not “baby’s first steps” quality, imo. But I do actually use it, and share with family members around the country no problem. Others with awesome PQ vids on special tapes from their “real” video cameras just let the recordings gather dust…

I am, however, getting her the 60 min for xmas. She’d chew up 30 minutes in one day screwing around at the mall and curse me!

At this resolution???
Nah, you need HD for the microscopic . . . for ALL six sessions!

couple ounces make THAT big of a diff?

and my rechargable batteries in my camera last plenty long, and i carry a spare set along just in case. But i guess if you go out shooting 300 pictures in a day, yea, i would assume your battery would get weak. But for the average person who takes like 10-20 or whatever at a time, rechareable works just fine :slight_smile:

these by the same guys that make the minioHD? those are nice units. but also 4 times the price.

It can take still pictures of the video you take. Almost nicer cause you can maybe get sevreal different angles or different “shots”

We got a new 1 hour version last year for $150. I’m not sure what the current price is on these, but I will say that I’m happy with ours. It’s very compact, easy to use for the whole family, easy to upload. Relatively good video quality. I’m not sure I’d be happy with only 30 minutes though.


ewww 480p?