Pure Digital Flip Ultra Series F230 Camcorder

Ok here I am old and don’t always understand puters, so can I record on this thing, put it on my computer and burn it to cd??


I have used this item before, and I can tell you now that it is absolute cràp and is not worth $60. SHAME on you woot for listing such an item for so much!

(i still love you though)

I don’t know a single person who watches what they record - especially if it is over 30 minutes. Face it, if you WANT a camera, you can buy a cheapo and get over it, or you can do what I did and spend 700 on a camera that broke and I never really used anyway. I suggest you do neither. That said, I still want one.

That Square Trade Warrantee that’s available with this thing - when you click to go for it it takes you to their site — and once there, there is a promo discount (you have to enter the secret phrase at checkout) that takes the initial year of coverage down to $7.99 - not at all shabby. (Heck - I’d say that’s pretty cool, actually! Insurance of any kind is probably one of those things I hope I never have to find out about having to use - but if , after the 90 days, I found out I needed it - then that $8.00 spent now would feel pretty sweat!)

I’m guessing the person who got the HD version at Circuit City for cheap went to one that is closing and got it at a discount?

What kind of resolution were you expecting for $59?

I’m curious what sort of masterpieces of cinema some of us are shooting that requires HD and more than 30 minutes. Unless you are reshooting “Rope”, you’re probably not going to need anymore, unless you’re taking one with you on the Appalachian Trail and won’t have a laptop nearby to dump the video to when it fills up.

Seriously, if you are doing anything that’s a production, any Flip camera is the wrong tool for it. If you want to shoot the giant mechanical clock in Asakusa or shoot a video of your little tyke saying his first words, anything more than a Flip is overkill.

I’d be wary of this one. My sister has the same model (paid full price, about 2 and a half times as much as it is here) and while it’s easy to use and record, the camcorder itself isn’t that good at all. There’s no zoom function, no focusing, so it’s basically getting webcam-quality shots. The microphone isn’t that great either and crackles and makes static a lot. The internal storage is nice, as is the built-in USB tip, but there’s so little memory onboard so on an hour’s worth of movies the quality is bad on anything that isn’t moving slowly. These would be great for the younger crowd who would just want something to mess around with, but there are far better camcorders out there for people who want something with decent recording quality.

I’d be in for one if I knew someone who could have a lot of fun with it.

Do you need vista to upload it to your computer?

I have the 2GB Ultra series Flip camera. I use it to make videos for YouTube and I like it. The sound it fine, the picture is okay. It will work in low light but the picture suffers. It works fine indoors in reasonably bright light.

i was waiting on a deal somewhere for these cams…but kinda disappointed…older model and 30 mins…if this was 50 and under i would go for it. otherwise maybe a better one is out there

That is one sweet little camera and it’s on sale for 99 bucks :wink:
Low light vids are not good but outdoors are nice.
you get what you pay for…

Just found my excuse to finally buy one of these. Played with them… great little devices, phenomenal software. Wish this one had more memory, but not going to whine at $64.99 with shipping… no difference in hardware/quality between the 1GB and 2GB versions other than the space

It has 2x digital zoom and files drag and drop on a mac. Haven’t tried it with Windows.

How was it poor?


Audio and low-light quality is pretty good. And it doesn’t need Vista.

"Ok here I am old and don’t always understand puters, so can I record on this thing, put it on my computer and burn it to cd?? "

If you want a fun camera that takes decent video with audio and is easy to use, this is the one you want. I paid 100 bucks for mine and haven’t regretted it.

30 minutes record time? Great for shooting… um… uh… a quickie Vegas wedding, I guess.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Flip! It’s easy, fun, great quality for fun family videos!!

Here’s an example… A Message For Grandma - YouTube

isn’t that like less than the resolution on some cell phones? lol.

I have a Flip Digital (I think the very first version) with 60 minute record time. I absolutely love it and at the price, I think the woot is well worth it. Even though it’s only 30 minutes, you can pop it right into your computer, move the files over to it in a few minutes, and start recording again…
Of course it’s not the highest quality, but it is what it is and works great.