Pure Digital Flip Ultra Series F260 Camcorder


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Recertified Pure Digital Flip Ultra Series F260 Camcorder, for $69.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Pure Digital Flip Ultra Series F260 60 Minute Camcorder

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Never too early to Froogle!

are you able to hook this up to a tripod?

I thought with so many problems it would be something good. :frowning:

These are great little toys! Mine came covered in sand, but works fine. Getting another one. They’re great to hand out to friends and family and especially the kids! Get the brightly colored ones to be sure they’re found again. Running on AA batteries makes this the best Flip ever! No more waiting for two hours while the battery recharges, just pop in new batteries and keep shooting.

Come on, at least get some HD camcorders in… I would drop money on those instantly.

I got one of these a month or so ago. I absolutely love it! The kids and I have already killed one set of batteries, and the MIL can finally get her kid-fix from a couple thousand miles away.

Thank Woot for my Flip (And YouTube for the hosting). :slight_smile:

the description says it doesn’t need any sd cards but does it have a slot for them so you can expand the memory or are you stuck with the 2GB?

Just bought the Flip Mino HD yesterday.@ COSTCO for $199.00 Very nice camera but the Woot one is NOT HD :frowning: woulda been back at COSTCO in the morning had it been.

I know, in for 3!

$69.99 for a REFURBISHED 640x480 video camera?!?!

no spank you.

I own one and it blows chunks of cabbage and corned beef. I’ve had it since christmas, and it hasn’t worked. It’s preloaded with software that somehow kills my computer whenever it attempts to load. Seriously, you plug it in to Vista, service pack 1 (32 bit) and three seconds later your monitor pretends it’s in ‘The Matrix’ and you have to reboot the system. I’ve been working with their customer service, but they haven’t found a solution yet. If it wasn’t a gift I’d return it.

Product page: http://www.theflip.com/index.shtml?gclid=CMP8it6plZoCFQJ2xgodjU8AhQ

How well are these built?

Is the USB Arm sturdy, or does it feel like it is going to crack off?

Bought one of these here in March for $10 more for my wife and she loves it. If I didn’t already have one I’d jump all over this deal. My sister has the 30 minute one and she loves it too.

Was there a frame rate mentioned for these, or did I just miss it because I’m a blind dolt.

I bought one of these for $80 back in December.

They’re actually fantastic… very easy to use… shoots pretty damn decent video too.

These things are awesome! I have two! The picture and sound quality is so impressive. The integrated software application is a no brainer also. It’s very cool how it can compress a long video into something you can email. Caught my little one’s first steps on this thing and emailed it to everyone! A good price! I highly recommend!