Pure Digital Mino 60 Minute Camcorder

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Pure Digital Mino 60 Minute Camcorder
$69.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 Pure Digital F360 Mino 60 Minute Camcorder

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Heres a review


Edit: Found another review


Here is a better 1

is it nice?

lol, so not only is it NOT hd, but its a refurb.

I bought one of these from woot not too long ago. They work great. I recommend to everyone who’s tempting to buy

Before anyone asks: No it doesn’t have a memory slot.

How is this model compared to the 2048209483098 other flips thats been on woot?

have one already that i paid the same price for and it was new. granted it was on sale. I also bought the underwater case for it and took it on a scuba trip. it did well to about 25 feet.

I love it!! Its a handy device! Very easy to use, upload!

I have the white one. (not that the color matters) I love it and use it to film all my product reviews and demos for my tailgating website. Actually my wife does all the filming since I am the one in front of the camcorder… Point is I love it.

4.5 stars on Buzzillions

Manufactures website link


$179 MSRP new

Can I use this to upload videos to iReport on CNN?

I just bought the FLIP they had on the other day and LOVE IT!!!

It only recorded 30 min. of video, but it was only $35.

I got what I paid for and was very happy that I did.

I recommend EVERYONE getting at least ONE flip camera. They are REALLY HANDY!!!

are they compatible with a mac?

I have one of these from a previous woot. It simple and find. just be sure to use eject from the status bar before unplugging from your USB port. I highly recommend this product and it has a strong battery life (2AA)

100% yes they are, but people please listen, there are HD versions that are new and available, if your going to invest in a handheld camera please, please do some research, this is not a good buy

Yes. There is built in software for mac/ms/linux.

Finally! A camcorder small enough to fit snugly and hidden in the sleeve of both my black AND my white tux for my secret agent activities…