Pure Therapy Head & Eye Massager

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Pure Therapy Head and Eye Massager
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12/9/2012 - $99.99 - 10 comment(s)

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Ah yes, just what everyone wants! An eye massager to really dig in to those knots in my eyeballs!

Bought one of these last year.
I still haven’t met anyone who can tolerate the experience. Comments from friends have ranged from “ouch” to “OK I give up, I’ll talk”.
When I contacted the company to ask if there was a problem with mine, their response was “It’s not for everyone”.
Be cautious.

Check out this review from emassagers.net

I got one of these from woot a year ago or so. I love the thing. I thought I would like it most when I have a migraine, but it turns out I can’t be bothered to mess with it when I have migraine. I like to use it when I feel like “escaping” for a bit. I find trying to look out through the eye holes is a migraine inducing experience on its own, so I tend to keep my eyes closed while using the device. My primary use is for the air pressure. The heat, vibration, and sound are much less useful to me. I wish I could keep the temple pressure applied continuously. I love love love it when the pressure builds on my temples. I have a relatively large head so I am able to make the device very tight on my head so that the air pressure really creates very firm pressure at the intended points. The device does sort of creak and squeak as the pressure builds and releases. I would like it better if I could eliminate these sounds. The sound of the air compressor is a bit annoying too. I tend to hide the control/air compressor under a pillow while using it to muffle the sound. I have found the if I tighten the knob on the top too much that it causes the whole device to ride up on my face too much, so I tend to leave that one a bit loose. I tighten the side controls as tight as I possibly can.

If you like applying pressure to your temples with your fingers then you might like this device.

“its not for everyone” LOL excellent customer service.

Another migraine sufferer here… Do you like pressure applied to your eyes and temples when you have a migraine? I typically have my wife massage my eyes and temples while I’m waiting for the meds to kick in. If this does the same I’d probably use it every day…

Will this work with my Mac? Also, where do I plug it into my PC?

Season’s Greetings Wooters!

Pure Therapy company rep here to answer your questions.

Ask away!

This product does not require or allow for a connection to a computer (Mac or otherwise).

Welcome to our forums and our little jokesters that like to ask if a sponge will work on a Mac. Sigh

Aha, I thought that might be the case though one can never be too sure. Love you Wooters!!

My sister suffers from migraines and I was actually looking for something like this as a gift for her.

But based on what others are saying, I’m afraid it might be too much. She’s kind of a wimp and this thing sounds intense.

Will look into it a bit more…

here’s an off topic message for migraine sufferers- I had great success with no sugar and no dairy in my diet after 4 pm (I don’t eat any at all now) AND temperature therapy managed the pain well. Get your body hot from shoulders down, and icy cold from neck up. Takes all the pressure out!
If this massager had some ice packs in it, it might be more tempting to migraine sufferers!
ok, I am done interrupting… carry on!!

Can I get this shipped to me three days ago so I could have used it on my husband instead of him being in pain all weekend? We forgot to reorder his migraine medication which should get here Wednesday. It has been a rough few days to say the least.

The best quote ever…“sometimes your monster needs to relax.” I’m assuming “their monster” doesn’t meet many monsterettes much, especially being in moms basement all day.

A device that clamps to my face, presses on my eyeballs and has a heating element – what could go wrong?!

WHAT?! I have to be the first to ask: “Is there a happy ending?”