PureGuardian 120 Hour Warm/Cool Mist Humidifier

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Amazon appears to have a Factory Refurb of this item for only $49.99.

Nice fail Woot, are you even trying now? Did you completely turn to only sell Amazons warehouse deals?

Ours is new. I’m not totally sure what you’re getting at.

You can add a two year warranty for $3.99.

You forgot the ‘/s’…at least I hope you did.

Ultrasonics do a good job of providing mist. Unfortunately, they also do a great job of leaving a fine white mineral deposit on every surface of the room. You can get around that by using distilled water, if you have an unlimited budget. We ended up paying for a steam system attached to the HVAC.

Regular price at Costco $79

[MOD: Looks different. Look at the face. Also, I see $84.99]

Have been using the previous generation of this for years now (thanks, woot!). It’s enough to keep our master bedroom hydrated, and I love not having to fill it that often. But man, the space-age design doesn’t fit ANY décor scheme. It’s just ugly.

Does your system inject into the supply duct after it leaves the furnace or does it have inject points in other places?

The white dust is the fault of your water system and it is a result of all the minerals in your water. The harder the water the more dust.

I have three of the previous models from woot & they are great. We have a r/o water system and have zero dust.

This humidifier works much better than the ones with the nasty sponge filters and the tank stays clean.

May buy another one of these for a back up.

Picked up a very similar model last week at Costco. Difference in buttons location on face, but all same functions. 2gallon capacity for $84.99 @ Costco.

So far, so good.

While I have no doubt that this item is new, as you say it is. I am a regular Woot shopper and I have always been happy with whatever I have purchased. But I think it’s only fair to mention that you sell refurbished items all the time. After purchasing a number of refurbished items on Woot, I am convinced that refurbished items are every bit as good as “new” items, if not actually a better buy. When you buy something new, it could have a factory defect. If you buy a refurbished item, any defect has been repaired to factory new standards and the item has been thoroughly checked to insure it is in perfect working order, and it also carries the same factory warranty. Just sayin’ that in most cases “new” is no better than refurbished, and refurbished almost always costs less.

Went through 2 PureGuardian in a year. (same price with shipping) Thankfully both bought at Costco where I can return anytime. I then went with a generic Sunbeam brand at Walmart which is still going strong.

The dust is a problem if you dont use distilled water. Use distilled. Yes it gets expensive

Can you still return merchandise anytime at Costco without a receipt? I thought they changed their return policy to 30 days. I have a Pure Guardian humidifier I bought from them a long time ago that I want to return. Will they take it without a receipt?

About the Mineral Dust problem:
Has anyone tried the Zero Water filtered water in these systems?
It filters TDS to less then 6ppm.
That’s a lot of solids removed.

A few months ago I returned a coffee maker that was 2 years old. I was actually embarrassed because I thought it was only about a year. No questions no problem. They told me up to about 3 years at that time. Could have changed their policy since then.

Fully agreed, I’ve been coming to this site nearly daily for a very long time. I think everyone knew the takeover was going to destroy the “Woot as we knew it”. Either new from “Woot” for 85 shipped or reconditioned for 50 shipped is a no brainer! I doubt I’ll be wasting much time checking “Woot sales” anymore.