PureGuardian Ultrasonic Humidifier

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can it be used to pick up the little orphan annie radio show?


Anyone know if it’s okay to use essential or aromatherapy oils in the water with this unit?

Can anyone who owns one of these comment on whether it really is “virtually silent”?
I use a humidifier for my rabbits respiratory issues and like to be able to sleep through the sound it makes.

Yep! Silent! Have 2 running in my house…love them. If you have animals in the house it really keeps the dander down too!

I have added several drops of aromatherapy oils, it seems to cause some mildew to appear. If you don’t mind cleaning the tank periodically, the oils do seem to add a pleasant aroma with the mist.

Its literally Silent. The only time I can hear anything is when it needs more water from the tank and it bubbles, maybe once every half hour. I like the mist to fall right on my face when I sleep, so it sits about two inches from my head every night. Love it. Best humidifier I have ever owned. unfortunately I spent $90 for it at costco. I would say I should have waited for it to come on woot, but then I would have missed out on all its greatness for the past year.

I’ve been using this exact humidifier for nearly two years now. Given Colorado’s dry winters, it’s almost a necessity, so I’ve been through a lot of humidifiers.

There’s no comparison of the others to this one. This one produces a finer mist than the others, which stays suspended in the air longer and more evenly. The hot & cold settings make it usable at any temperature. The mist adjustment isn’t just a nozzle a output to open or close, but instead adjusts at the source. It’s easy to use and has clear directions.

As I have an immune deficiency syndrome, it’s also important to keep it sterile, and for the most part, the silver clean tech used in the reservoir does that. Air intake filters further assist this.

Guardian is also excellent in honoring their warranty, and I had zero problems getting a damaged one replaced.

It’s also the quietest humidifier I’ve ever had.

The one I got was refurbished, and therefore cheaper, but after my experience, I just might buy a second unit right here. I can think of no other humidifier I’d recommend. As this one outperforms every single one. It gives me warm or cool mist,is easy to maintain and keeps itself sterile, not to mention the 3 year warranty. You’ll be hard pressed to find anything near as good at this price.

I do not work for Guardian and am merely a consumer allowing you to know my own experience and comparative observations.

The nightlight can be a bit annoying even when off, as the L.E.D. lights indicate it’s on. The remedy? Face that side toward a wall or cover it altogether.

I no longer have any reservations about the cost and performance. It’s well worth it, and has been a great assist to helping to keep me healthy.


I bought one from woot about a month ago. I had been looking for a humidifier for several months and found bad reviews on most of them. I love the PureGuardian and may buy another for my living room. I use this one in my bedroom because my sinuses and throat get very dry while I sleep. My only complaint is I would like to be able to use a pitcher or jug of water to refill it when needed instead of removing the tank and taking it to a water source.

The second time I used it, it failed to mist and I read the troubleshooting where it suggested I fill the tank with warm tap water. I fill the tank with warm to hot tap water and now it starts instantly every time.

I do not hesitate to recommend this humidifier…you will be happy with it.

While 99% of what I get from Woot is great, this was not. Does not move the water down correctly from the tub so it stops working about 15 minutes after filling. I have to literally go over and jiggle it to get the water down and get it to work again :confused:

Does this leave white deposits of hard water everywhere?

Went through three other models before landing on this one. “Virtually silent” is accurate. I find it to be quiet as a mouse–especially compared to the other “silent” models I tried.

Had it for about six months–works like a charm. Throws off plenty of moisture, and the tank is a nice size–big enough that you don’t have to keep filling it, small enough to manage.

I really like it a lot and would recommend it.

I’ve got a similar model. It is nearly silent, and all the other positive attributes / capabilities are true. But the tiny cleaning brush is a joke. And unless you use distilled water, you can expect to see hard water and/or slime deposits unless you clean it every other day. If you let the cleaning get away from you, this beast was not designed to be cleaned. The tank has a 3-inch opening into a roughly rectangular box making it harder to clean than a water bottle. Imagine trying to clean the inside of a clear plastic shoe box through a 3-inch hole in the top. And because the remaining tank interface parts where funk accumulates are attached to the electronics, it’s not dishwasher safe. Imagine dropping your clock-radio in mud and then trying to hold it under a sink or tub faucet while scrubbing at the mud with a tooth brush while keeping the electronics dry.

It does work well. My kid needs a humidified room during winter nights. But It’s a shame they couldn’t have designed it to be easier to clean.

If the electricity goes off, will this humidifier go back on automatically when the electricity comes back on or must it be manually restarted?

I have one of these purchased through Costco. It has lasted for 3 years and no issues.

Noise level: Very low hum, not audible unless you are close to it.

Energy efficiency: Very good at the cool setting on medium mist. No noticeable change in electric bills. It uses a little bit more when you turn up the mist all the way, but I don’t see a use for that unless you are trying to make your floor wet.
If you need hot mist, then it’s not going to be energy efficient. I wouldn’t use the setting unless you really need the heat.

Mist: At medium mist strength, it creates a very fine mist that increases the humidity in an area approximately 500sq ft by about 5%. I use mine close to a heat vent in the winter so it spreads the moist air throughout the house a lot easier and keeps the nearby couch and carpet from getting too wet.

Maintenance: If you are using it on COOL Medium mist 24/7, you will have to refill the container about every 5 days. When you add the water, I HIGHLY recommend that you also clean it! After about a week, there are visible signs of growth around the vibrating mister and inside of the chamber tube that takes the mist out of the cap. You can use a vinegar product to clean it. Avoid any harsh chemicals/soaps or bleach. I also advise that you remove the silver misting cap (at the top) and take it apart to clean about every couple of weeks. For some reason, mine has red growth on there on occasion. This unit cleans up fairly easily by comparison… if you are OCD like me, it might take you 5+ minutes to make sure it’s totally cleaned out. I’ll even swish around a small amount of vinegar in the water container once in a while.

I’ve heard that using the WARM mist setting cuts down on bacterial growth. Like I said though, I don’t use that as much, so I can’t testify to it.

Overall, it is worth the price when your house gets dry. I wish they made larger units like these… something that would last about 2 weeks without refilling.

The unit does not switch itself off, you have to manually do it. I’ve had the power go out and come back on with it still running. The only time it stops running is if it runs out of water… or if it breaks I assume =)

No I have not had this problem, but I’m not sure if it’s more common with people who have hard water issues.

Is there a filter that needs to be replaced in this unit?