PureGuardian Ultrasonic Humidifier

Looking at the reviews, I wouldn’t be comfortable buying this (even if it weren’t refurb) without good return policy. Ive never had to deal with returns on woot–how is it?

I bought one, and yes it is virtually silent, but it also stopped working after about 2 months of use.

Nope, no filter.

Addatives such as aromatherapy oils will ruin the ultrasonic mechanism and kill your unit. If you want aromatherapy just light a candle.

You do realize that you ought to clean the ultrasonic plate every couple of weeks. The brush for that is in one of the side compartments. Also, running some dilute vinegar can be used as a system wide cleaning.

If none of these steps help, contact PureGuardian about warranty repair or replacement.

I purchased one of these from Costco at $90 at the beginning of winter and love it. It is silent, no filter and works great. Would highly recommend.

To add to my review…

Durability: I just dropped it, face first onto my hardwood floor while I was trying to put it away for the season. Busted the front plate right off, exposing the wiring and circuit board and all… well I popped the plate right back on and it still works! Whew!