PureGuardian Ultrasonic Humidifier

**Item: **PureGuardian Ultrasonic Humidifier
Price: $39.99
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Condition: Refurbished

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I’m actually disappointed that it’s “virtually silent.” I was looking for a humidifying, white noise machine to help me sleep.

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How does it, or DOES IT get around the problem of minerals from the water being suspended into the air by the ultrasonic system???

This is a problem with Dehumidifiers that Ultrasonically send water droplets ( with minerals ) blown into the air of a room resulting in a chalk like dust that is formed on items near the Dehumidifier in the room.

Or do you have to use distilled water to prevent this??

On the other hand, a UltraSonic type device is excellant for getting water droplets into the air.

Just Asking.

I have bought three of these. One broke down and PureGuardian would not support it. Not sure I’d buy this brand again. Love sleeping with a humidifier though and ultrasonic is the way to go - I’ve tried all types. Non-ultrasonic kinds are mold factories.

I ordered one the last time it was offered and it’s worked very well for me. It quietly humidifies and since I only use it at night, one tank of water lasts for two weeks. My only complaint is that the LED indicating the unit was on, burned out after the first week.

Never had a problem with ours. We use the mineral filter (optional and not included, about $25 per filter, lasts about 6 months) and filtered water in ours. Clean it once a week or via the op manual and its great.

I had to use distilled water in mine. Even with filtered water, I was finding statically charged dust everywhere (as in underneath and inside of things)!

I used distilled water in mine and it prematurely corroded the ultrasonic disk and the disks are not replaceable. They last about one season if used every day.

So, are you saying that this humidifier is good basically for about 1 year?

If the electricity goes off, will the humidifier start automatically when the electricity comes back on or will it have to be restarted manually?

What you’re asking for is impossible with ionized water. You have to use distilled water if you don’t want the mineral deposits.

I bought mine from woot in 2011 for $10 more and it’s still working great! I have used it in the long winters in the east coast every night and I love it.
I use filtered water and there is no deposit of particals anywhere.
It’s quiet and the water tank lasts about 2 week for me.
The only issue I can find is that it is heavy when filled up and you have to make sure you placed the tank back correctly or it will leak.

I bought one of these 2 years ago off of woot. It died days after the woot warranty was out. When it worked it put white dust all over everything, even in the next room. I have a humidity sensor and noticed it did not increase the amount of humidity like a hot steam one I had. This thing is a waste of money in my opinion.

I would like to be able to control this unit by using an external humidistat, which will turn the electricity to it on and off based on the desired humidity. So I need to know if the unit will go back on automatically after the electricity has been cut off to it. If anyone can supply me with this information, it would be greatly appreciated.

I got my H1500 model out, plugged it into a GFI outlet, turned it on and had vapor. I tripped the outlet and reset (the outlet), and the vapor resumed when the electricity did.
I assume the models are similar, just different tank capacities. HTH

If this thing will run 120 hours on 2.4 gallons of water it should not be called a humidifier! In a dry climate 2.4 gallons of water would evaporate on its own in 5 days!! There is absolutely NO way they can make that claim anyway. To say this one runs up to 120 hours and others only run over nite is so stupidly ridiculous that it’s funny!! Do they really think we are that stupid, too?? I wouldn’t have one of these if you paid me to take it.