Purell Sanitizing Wipes 28Pk

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Purell Sanitizing Wipes 28Pk
Price: $19.99
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See the Purell Science

Very tempting to get for the wife who is a teacher. Unfortunately, she would probably go through them in about a week.

Anyone know the size of these wipes?

What is the expiration date?

I’d like to know I can use them all before the expire/dry out.

According to Amazon -
Product Dimensions: 0.5 x 3.8 x 8.8 inches

Also, ONE pack of these on Amazon is $6.25. Yikes.

Per Purell:
Generally the expiration date is printed on the bottom or back of the package. If there is no expiration date printed on the package, the product is good for 3 years from the date of manufacture.

So unless these have been sitting in the Woot warehouse for a long time, they should be good for a while.

The issue, like always, is the age of these. I bought a flat repair from this POS, when I received it, 5 years ago it expired, but they don’t care. This website has become a joke. It’s more likely that no one gives a shit, and this comment will be shut down.

I don’t get how Woot is able to sell products that is 5 years past the date.

I HATE this size packaging! Too big to bring along wherever you go, and once the package is opened, you’ve likely contaminated the package with whatever you were trying to get off your hands! Also, once you open the pack the clock is running on the rest.

If you look on line for the other Purell sizes/packages, there are much better deals. If you use them frequently, you can get the 270 count plastic bin (like you see at the grocery stores to wipe your cart handle) for $11.

IMO, the best are the small individual packet with 5" x 7" wipes. 100 of them for $4.33 They are by far the most convenient and get the job done.

100 Count for $4.33

I am actually not surprise, I bought a shiesdio toner off of woot a couple of years ago that was still in the glass bottle… At that point, the glass bottle was discontinued for about 7-8 years and replaced with plastic. The packaging didn’t have any experation date and I hadn’t gotten any reactions… So I am just going to continue to use it. :confused:

These are around $.05 vs the one you suggested at $.23 each… maybe not as handy, but a much better deal

I wonder what the “clean refreshing scent” is.

Any of the scented Purell versions I have tried (like “aloe”) have assaulted me with their smell. If it’s the original normal alcohol smell - that fades in seconds.

Does anybody know whether “clean refreshing scent” is the original Purell scent/smell?

I think his point too was once you open the pack, the REST of the towels will dryout. A ziplock bag was work well in this case. However, I keep a shelter in place bag in my car which makes these exposed to freezing or extreme temps. Was updating my home bug out bag (making it into a pack and duffle). So, was looking for some hygiene items to complete that portion.

39.90 ÷ 1,000 = .0399

PURELL Sanitizing Hand Wipes, Individually Wrapped & Free shipping

Expiration 12/15

I have never used this brand, but with the brand I use - “Wet Ones” - once you open them up, they are going to dry out quickly.

So they are good if you are doing something where you are going to use the entire packet all at once (e.g. handwashing at a youth camping event where everyone in the group is going to use one, etc). Otherwise, I prefer the individually wrapped ones.

For comparison, Amazon has 5-packs of 24 individually wrapped Wet Pnes for $9.40. (Well, $9.90, but you can do a subscribe and save, get it once, and then cancel the subscribe and save.) http://www.amazon.com/Wet-Ones-Antibacterial-Singles-24-Count/dp/B0043D68YW/ref=sr_1_2

They also have 100 individually wrapped Purell wipes for $8.91. http://www.amazon.com/PURELL-Sanitizing-Individually-Wrapped-100-ct/dp/B000FZ23FA/ref=sr_1_1

(I have never used these hand wipes and don’t know if they are the same ones offered here.)

The Woot deal gives you 420 wipes for $20, which is around half of the cost per wipe, but they aren’t individually wrapped.

If these are packaged anything like Windex Electronic wipes, the secret to keeping a partial package moist is to make sure they are resealed tightly.

I use the Windex wipes at work and as long as they’re resealed properly, the partial packages don’t dry out. But I have missed from time to time and it’s true they will dry out if not attended to properly.

Look at the third picture - these are not resealable packages.

You can put it in a plastic baggie, but that’s about it.

It does say they can be used for your hands or face, but as they contain alcohol, they are definitely not for use in other sensitive areas “down below”. Just FYI.