Purell Sanitizing Wipes 28Pk

So they’re already a few months past expiration?

looks like these are expired.

Expiration date 5/2015

Yeah, I’m kind of wondering if they’ve forgotten to update the description.

But then again, it’s Woot so they might just have gotten a big batch.

Not sure if we can expect a clarification. ThunderThighs has gone to sleep and I don’t know if they monitor the non-BOC threads much anyway.

Also curious if these are past expiration, going to hold off on purchase until it is confirmed though.

I believe this was the same expiration date as the last time they were on woot (which was also well past May 2015 if I remember correctly. So they’re probably all from the same big batch.

I’m thinking (and maybe outside the box here - pun intended) that if the wipes still come out of the package something other than DRY - they’ll be ok. Bought a batch last time they were offered and everything was hunky dory.

you guys are not going to eat it… so why does it matter. Most stuff that has an expiration date is still good for way longer.
Some stuff needs to be thrown away at the expiration date like milk and stuff.
Many times companies put expiration so you can throw it away and buy new stuff.




Thank you, TT! This is a crazy deal!!! Just in time for sick season too :slight_smile:

Resealable [peel here] according to the package, and yet, the pictures show the top cut off instead. Hmm. I have a friend who fails to read the directions, too. :smiley: