Would it be wrong if I ordered one of each? These are all so amazing! Thank you Travis, thank you artists, thank you everyone who posted on the Purple Plus Planning Thread!

Just so you all know, Fresh Cake Remix is my 100th woot!

I own the original “Night Life” (one of my all time favorite Woot shirts) but I gotta say… it looks stunning in eggplant. Might have to pick one up.

Ohhhhh, perfect! And either welcome to the Black Square Club or condolences on your membership. :slight_smile:

It says “manufactured in USA” for most of these… does this mean they’re not the Anvil blanks?

Yay! Yay! YAY! Fresh Cake has been ordered! Now, I’m off to look at the others and see what else I want. YAY!

Congratulations! What a worthy design for a 100th Woot!

Yep. American Apparel.

And as Neuro said, thank you Travis and to all the artists for making this happen.

Yep…got me some cupcakes, some flowers, and a little moon light.
Now my wait begins. X-D

Thanks for taking a chance on the purples!

For cereal?! That makes this side sale so much more amazing!

Bought…waffling on one more. Love the purple.


Awesome, awesome, awesome! And, now I’m broke! Picked up 2 so far, and depleted my supply of jumbowoot coupons. I am trying to scrounge up for at least one more! Thank you for making this happen. It’s the best woot day in months! Hope to see a similar Teal sale in the future!

Agreed on a big thanks to the artist and TGentry for making this happen.

Now to decide which shirts I should get; decisions, decisions.

All of them! :slight_smile:

Purple I love! But AA, not so much. :confused: I know, I’m one of those people. Only design I’d really want would be the foxes, so cute, but I’m less inclined to buy AA L when Anvil S fits me soooooo much better. At least I got the foxes on a tote bag during that big random side sale a few months back.

AA purple! Oh happy day! :slight_smile: